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manufacturers of all types of mosquito nets
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Incidents and Returns

Can I modify or cancel an order I have already placed?

Yes, as long as the status of your order is not "Preparation in progress""Sent" or "Delivered.".

Because if the material has already been cut we will not be able to make changes, so we will send you the order with the measurements indicated in your initial order.

In order to modify or cancel you have to place your order as soon as possible and you have to go to your Customer Account by clicking on the button Ordering. Then you must press the button Stoplocated on the right.

Then contact our Customer Service Department. You can call us at 653 524 795 or use the Contact us.
Keep the order reference handy!

What happens when the final amount is lower when the order is modified?
In that case we will refund the price through the same payment method used, within the payment period.

What if, when the order is modified, the resulting price is higher than the initial price?
In that case we will write to you to inform you and we will attach a payment link for you to pay the difference.

When you make the payment your modification will be completed and we will proceed to work on your order. It's that simple.

My order has not arrived yet, what's wrong?

If your order has not arrived, there may be several reasons:

  • It has not left the warehouse: When your order leaves our facilities, we will send you an email with a link so you can track your shipment. If the delivery deadline has passed and you have not received your order, we will contact you. However, if you have any doubts, you can always write us from the form at Contact us.
  • It is in a state of Preparation in progress:  The preparation time can take up to 20 days, depending on the type of product. The manufacturing times are indicated on the product sheet. If it exceeds them, there may be some incidence; in that case, we will inform you about the expected date of shipment via email. Anyway, if you prefer, you can contact us through the form at Contact.
  • Your order is shipped: You will receive it very soon. Check your email because it will contain the tracking code from the carrier. If you have not received the email with the information, you will be able to find the tracking code by checking your Order History, which you can access by clicking this button Order History. Your order can be delivered between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., Monday to Friday (except holidays).

Damaged product?

From your Customer AccountBy clicking on the "Incidents" button, you can write to us telling us about the problem with your order. To manage the incident, besides needing the order reference number, we will need:

  • Photo of the condition of the affected material.
  • Photo of the box including the shipping agency sticker.

When we receive the information we will reply as soon as possible, informing you of how the incident will be resolved and the estimated timeframe.

IMPORTANT: THIS INFORMATION MUST BE SENT WITHIN 24 HOURS OF RECEIVING YOUR ORDER. And if we have to pick up the product because it is not reusable, please have it ready in its original packaging for us to pick it up.

If parts of a product are missing...

From your Customer AccountBy clicking on the "Incidents" button, you can write to us telling us about the incident with your order.

To help you resolve this issue we will need you to provide a brief description of the missing part. Please take a photo if you think it is necessary to better identify the claim.

Remember to indicate the order reference, your name, contact telephone number and a description of the missing parts.

Once we receive the information, a note will be sent to the factory so that the material can be shipped.

One product missing

If your order is missing any product, it may be for one of these two reasons:

  • Shipping in two packages. Your order may be delivered in two shipments. Please check the delivery note for the number of packages shipped.
  • Logistic error. We may have failed to add an item to your order by mistake. Then you must tell us which product you did not receive. From your Customer AccountBy clicking on the "Incidents" button, you can write to us telling us about the incident with your order and we will quickly pass the incident to the factory so that the shipment can be made as soon as possible.

Measurements are not correct

First of all, check the measurements you indicated in your first order. If the measurements of the product you have received do not match the measurements you requested when placing the order, you can open an incident, following the indications given above.

I have received an incorrect product or order

At Customer AccountBy clicking on the "Incidents" button, you can write to us telling us about the incident with your order. Describe the incident with your order and attach a photo of the product and a photo of the box including the shipping agency sticker.

We will check the documentation sent and if we verify that there is an error in the shipment, we will resend you the correct item(s).

The same transport will pick up the wrong material. We would appreciate it if you have the material ready to be picked up in the original packaging, or as well packed as possible, to avoid damage.

We thank you in advance and apologize for the inconvenience.

Customer Service

From your customer account, by clicking on the MY MESSAGES button you can keep track of all the conversations you have with our Customer Service.

With this we intend to streamline and improve the communication and attention we provide to our customers.

You may return items in their original condition within 14 days of receipt.

NOTE: Custom-made products no refunds are allowed, before placing the order, make sure you take the correct measurements and also that the color is the correct one. All the colors belong to the Ral Aluminum color chart that you can consult in any shopping center or specialized center.

The product to be returned must be in the manufacturer's original condition, i.e. in the same original box, well sealed and in another box or bag.

Any anomaly or malfunction in the package or the product may result in the cancellation of the refund.

How to process the return?

It is easy and simple:

  • Pack all products securely so that they are not damaged.
  • Print, fill out and insert inside the package the Return Form (You can download it by clicking this button Return Form).
  • NOTE: Shipping costs will be borne by the customer.
  • To make the shipment, please contact the transport agency of your choice and indicate the name and address of our logistics facilities:
    • Mosquiteras 24h - Poligono "El LLano" C/ Bélgica 53, 13630 Socuéllamos, Ciudad Real

Remember to enter the Return Form so that we know the details of your order.

Pick-up service for customers in Spain

If you prefer, we can pick up your return. The cost of this service is 15€ and we can schedule a convenient day and time for pick-up.

If you are interested in contracting the return collection service, you can contact us from the form below. contact or call us at 635 58 32 53

How long does it take to process a refund?

Once we receive the returned product, we will take a maximum of 10 days to make all the necessary arrangements for the crediting of the corresponding part.

Remember that we do not make replacements.

My return has not been picked up

If the shipping agency has not passed by your address within 24-48 hours from the confirmation of your pick-up, please contact our Customer Service Department. From your Customer AccountBy clicking on the "Incidents" button, you can open a transport incident. A technician will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I know if you have received the return?

If you have not been contacted, it is because our warehouse has not yet confirmed receipt of your order.

As soon as we verify it, we will contact you immediately.

We will finalize the process by making the payment once we have verified that everything is correct.

Payment terms

The deadline to receive the amount of a credit note is 14 days maximum, from the moment of the cancellation/modification of the order.

Form of payment

We will reimburse you for the credit through the same payment method used for your order.

According to the current law, all the products you buy must have 2 years warranty.

Products damaged in transit or due to misuse are not covered by the warranty.

From your Customer AccountBy clicking on the "Incidents" button, you can contact an agent and claim the warranty.

A technician will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

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