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Home remedies for mosquito bites relief

Last updated:
9 June, 2020
Reading time: 5 minutes

Mosquito bites are very common. As insects that live all over the world, there are thousands of species which, depending on the climate of the country, can be seen to a greater or lesser extent. For this reason, in this post here are some home remedies for mosquito bites that are important for you to know.

Depending on the type of mosquito that bites us, a mosquito that comes from Africa is not the same as one that can be found in France. consequences can be very dangerous or cause a simple itchy, stinging lump.

Why do mosquitoes bite?

Ever since we were children, we have been asking ourselves the same question: what could be the reason why mosquitoes bite? The females, which are usually the ones that bite, need a small amount of blood. in order to lay their eggs. Thanks to the proteins and iron in the hemoglobin, they can give their young the first food before hatching; then, in a space of stagnant water, they incubate until the larvae hatch.

Harmlessly, in most cases, mosquito bites leave humans and some animals with this lump and itching itching itching. From here, depending on the type of person, the result will change quite a lot.

Reaction to mosquito bites

Diseases that can cause

Diseases caused by mosquito bites are the terror of many people. While the common model is harmlessHowever, there are other types, generally outside Spain, which can be dangerous depending on the people they attack and the level of defenses they contain. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Dengueviral infection. Its symptoms, which cause considerable fatigue, are high fever, headaches, vomiting, rash and even pressure in the joints and muscles. Although most people get better in a few weeks, it is essential to treat it in time, otherwise it could be lethal.
  • ChikungunyaViral infection of tropical countries. Its symptoms are high fever and severe joint pain; this bite can be in the human body for months.
  • ZikaViral infection that usually has no symptoms. According to some studies, only one in five people have representation about it although the results are rather weak. Fever, rashes and conjunctivitis are the most popular. Zika differs from the rest because, in addition, a pregnant woman can pass it to her embryo.
  • Malariaparasitic disease with a serious prognosis. Its symptoms, similar to those of the flu, do not go beyond fever, chills or tremors, but if confirmed, it can be fatal and should be treated as soon as possible. This, which belongs to tropical and subtropical countries, is a bite that should be vaccinated against in case of traveling to countries where it is more common.
  • West Nile VirusZika: Like Zika, this disease does not present any symptoms and takes a few weeks to manifest itself. When the body starts to react, you should make sure if you have traveled abroad. Fever, headache and nausea are the first symptoms to be treated.

How do you know if a mosquito bite is infectious?

In Spain, mosquito bites do not go beyond a simple discomfort that can last from a few minutes to several days. Very rare are the cases in which directly affects healthHowever, we can find some risk situations that must be eradicated as soon as possible.

Fever, which is usually the indicator of infection, is the first symptom that manifests itself when the insect bite is not as simple as we imagined. From this point on, the most sensible thing to do is to go to the doctor and let him/her determine the measures to be taken. A timely reaction can save your life!

Home remedies for mosquito bites

Without affect your healthWhen we want the swelling or the vague reaction to the bite to disappear as soon as possible, remedies for mosquito bites are essential. From home and without having to go to the pharmacy, we find many resources that can be useful:

  • Cold waterApplying cold water to the affected area, or putting an ice cube on it, is perfect when the insect has just bitten you. The initial discomfort you feel is relieved much faster and the swelling is quickly reduced. This process can be repeated several times a day, especially if you are at home.
  • AmmoniaThe pH of the skin is modified and it is very beneficial in the event of a sting. Although it does not immediately relieve the pain and/or stinging, it does help your pores to heal, since the acidity it contains neutralizes the poison. Together with cold water it is usually the most popular home remedy.
  • ThymeIts properties are also good for mosquito bites. Strong as few others, its antibacterial power helps to prevent infection even when you have made the mistake of scratching. To apply it, it is best to use a mortar and, in it, crush the leaves of this plant and then place the mass on the affected area.
  • BasilThis plant is good both to relieve the itching of the bite and to repel these insects. To take effect, it is best to boil water in a pot and then pour the dried leaves to cook for a few minutes. Once it cools you should apply it on the affected area with a damp cloth and, little by little, you will feel an unprecedented sense of relief.
  • Avoid scratchingThis can increase itching, since the nails activate the nerve endings.

Mosquito biting on a person's arm

As home remedies, these four are the most effective for mosquito bites; in any case, they are also the most effective. there are certain drugs indicated exclusively for this purpose. With a doctor's prescription, as long as it has been prescribed by a medical professional, you only have to go to the pharmacy to obtain the antiseptic you need for this ailment.

Other remedies for mosquito bites

Although mosquito bites are virtually unavoidable, you can still get a mosquito bite. protect yourself for the seasons where we know there are more. People who travel to tropical countries, for example, must take care of themselves much more than any other individual. Below, we bring you some tips that can help you:

  • Covering the skinIf you go outdoors in summer, or if you are sleeping outdoors, you should cover your skin to avoid mosquito bites. Fabrics, even if they are thin, can make the insect think twice before invading your skin. Don't ignore it and you'll come out ahead in your travels or exposures to nature.
  • Mosquito nets for the home: place mosquito nets on windows and doors of your house is a preventive measure against mosquitoes. Thanks to them, it is practically impossible for them to enter your home and, therefore, it is more difficult for them to penetrate your skin. They come in all shapes and colors, some even serve as a decorative tool.
  • Eliminate mosquito breeding sitesRemoving stagnant water from some corners of your home can be the solution to prevent mosquitoes from creating a nest. Flowerpots, both those on terraces or balconies as well as inside the home, can be the perfect container for this. On the other hand, if you have a country house, it is important to take care of the swimming pool, since there can also be a high concentration of these insects here.
  • Travel behaviorIf you are going to travel to tropical countries, or where you know there are mosquitoes, you have to be informed about the measures to take. As a general rule, using repellent or wearing a bracelet is enough. In any case, it is important that you know what the consequences of a bite are. Check your sources before taking the plane!
  • Use insect repellentFor outdoor activities in a country where there are many mosquitoes, using insect repellent can be the way to be calm. In tropical countries it is obligatory but you can also use it in our country; however, you must apply it following the recommendations of a doctor or pharmacist.

Mosquito bites are annoying, but they always have a viable solution. With simple remedies or precautions we can ensure that the insect does not come near us at any time. Depending on the person, more or less care will be needed but, in any case, it is a lesser evil. Now that you know how to prevent mosquito bites, what are you waiting for to fully enjoy the good weather?

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Written by: Javier Marquez Barneto


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