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How to fix a roller blind that won't brake

Last updated:
9 February, 2024
Reading time: 4 minutes
roller blind does not brake

The brake of the chain or thread blinds is a part that, due to use and the passage of time, can become damaged. In the end, this causes the mechanism to malfunction. Fortunately, however, this part is universal and easy to replace, so it is easy to to fix a roller blind that doesn't slow down.

In this article we will talk about what is the brake, the types that exist and how to change them to get the blind to brake properly and we can enjoy the atmosphere we want in the room.

How roller blinds work

Roller blinds are among the best known in the market and we can find them in many homes thanks to the great advantages they provide. It consists of a fabric that is rolls up on itself and that passes through a tube and that allows to cover the window to prevent direct light from entering the rooms and other advantages. It has a mechanism that allows us to decide the height to which we wish to have them.

Some parts of the mechanism are the chain, the pulley system and the brake that prevents the blind from unrolling completely and falling covering the entire window. Without this mechanism and its parts, it would not be possible to choose at what height we want to have the blind.

Different roller blind mechanisms

When choosing a blind to decorate the windows, apart from choosing the fabric to our taste and needs, we can also choose what type of mechanism we want it to have:

Cord Mechanism

It was the most used until now. This mechanism is based on the fact that the cords that raise and lower the blind go along guides to a piece anchored at one end of the mechanism called the brake. In the brake, the cords go down together to the handle and from there the blind is operated. To raise the blind, the handle is pulled and, to fix it in the desired position, it is braked by pulling the cord forward or to the side depending on the brake model.

With a slight pull on the brake is released and the rope is slowly released and gravity pulls the blind down.

cord blind

Compact or chain mechanism

The cords that raise and lower the blind are attached to a reel hidden in the mechanism. Regardless of the number of reels (which vary according to the width of the blind), these are connected to a rod which, at one end, is attached to a pulley. This part is driven by a ball chain that rotates the spools at the same time, in one direction or another depending on the end of the hip that will make the blind go up or down. When we stop pulling the chain of the blind, it will stop in its position, without any kind of brake.

Hidden Mechanism or AT-500

This mechanism is ideal for concealing the blind gears. It is composed of an aluminum tube that carries inside all the parts that drive the chains that raise and lower the fabric. The front has a velcro profile that helps to attach the blind to the mechanism. This type of operation is ideal for folding or package blindswhich are made of fabric and made to measure.

chain roller blind

How does a blind slow down?

The brake for roller blinds is one of the most important elements that make up the mechanism, since it is in charge of comfortable operation of the blind and where the fabric will be positioned at the desired height. We can find that cord or chain brakes that, with the passage of time, stop working, does not brake the blind or the part breaks by the friction of the threads or chain.

Therefore, in the event of a failure of this brake, the part can be easily replaced, since it is universal and compatible with the mechanisms. There are brakes that contain brass roulettes that prevent the friction of the cord and achieve a safe and reliable braking. In addition, they are very easy to change and, in just a few minutes, we will have our blind as good as new.

How to set the brake according to the mechanism

Both the cord mechanism and the compact mechanism are equipped with braking methods that are adapted to their mode of operation. In this section we will detail the steps to follow to change the brakes according to the type of mechanism.

Cord brake

If we want to change the cord brake we have to do:

  • Remove the fabric from the mechanism. Also remove the cord knob, which we will have to unscrew and separate from the mechanism.
  • Once ready, we have to unscrew the old brake for the new one in the same space.
  • When the brake is fixed with its screw, we pass again the cords and we will check that it works correctly.

Chain brake

To change the chain brake, here are the steps to follow:

  • Disassemble the blind fabric and raise the reel tapes.
  • Release the metal rod from the mechanism. It is enough to unscrew a screw that has the brake, although it is possible that they can also include screws to fix the rods.
  • Subsequently, we have to move the rod to the opposite side of the brake to avoid having to disassemble the mechanism completely, remove the screw that fixes the brake and replace it with the new one.
  • Once the new brake has been changed and fixed, we put the rod back in and screw it in place. After this, we check if the system works correctly.
blinds disassembled

Tips for installing blind mechanisms

As a last point, let us remember how to install a mechanism for blinds and assess the importance of each of the parts it contains:

  • We choose which side we want to put the hip or cord which will operate the mechanism. We can choose between left or right according to our taste.
  • We place the blind mechanism whenever we can in the roof to make it look better and separate it from the wall as we wish. If the windows are casement windows, for example, it will prevent the window from colliding with the blind.
  • Evaluate the length of the blind so that it does not touch the floor. It is better to measure the window and the space we want to fall below it so that it does not hang too much.

So much for the tips on how to solve a roller blind that does not slow down. Regardless of the mechanism, changing the brake of a blind is very simple, so it is not necessary to contact an expert, as we can do it ourselves.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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