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Cherubini ORA ZRX Ø45 radio motor (awning with and without cassette)

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Electronic limit switch with integrated dual Cherubini CRC RX and Z-Wave radio

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15 Nm 17rpm
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50 Nm 12rpm (+16,02€)
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Warhead 78mm (+4,45€)
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Warhead 70mm (+5,45€)
mechanical motor for cherubini wave wire Ø45 push button (cassette awning)
63mm tube (+4,45€)
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mechanical motor for cherubini roll push button ogiva 70 and 78
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Welcome to the complete guide to the Cherubini ORA ZRX Ø45 radio enginean innovative motor for awnings with and without cassette. In this space you will discover everything you need to know about this product, from its technical specifications to tips for installation and maintenance. Our goal is to provide you with detailed and useful content to help you make the best purchase decision.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions and specifications

The ORA ZRX Ø45 ORA motor has a 45 mm diameter and is designed to fit seamlessly into the majority of awnings. With powerful torque and optimized speed, this motor ensures efficient and reliable operation.

Compatibility with awnings

Compatible with a wide range of awnings, both with and without cassette, this motor adapts to different styles and needs, offering a versatile solution for awning automation.

Installation and maintenance

Installation of the ORA ZRX motor is simple and can be performed by a professional or by users with basic do-it-yourself skills. Maintenance is minimal, ensuring a long service life. long service life and consistent performance.


Improved functionality

The Cherubini ORA ZRX Ø45 radio motor offers advanced remote control for easy adjustment of awnings, providing unparalleled convenience.

Your silent operation is ideal for quiet environments in both homes and businesses, and its compatibility with home automation systems elevates the user experience, enabling centralized control of awnings in conjunction with other smart devices.

Durability and reliability

This engine is built to last, with high quality components that stand up to daily wear and tear. It is resistant to adverse weather conditionswhich makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Efficiency and savings

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the ORA ZRX Ø45 motor reduces energy consumptionThe use of these products benefits both the environment and the user's wallet.

Your ability to schedule opening and closing times optimizes energy use and helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, which can reduce the need for additional air conditioning systems.

Aesthetics and design

The compact and elegant design The motor's ability to precisely control the position of the awning contributes to the overall aesthetics of the area, adjusting natural light and improving privacy. The ability to precisely control the position of the awning contributes to the overall aesthetics of the area, adjusting natural light and enhancing privacy.

Ease of use and accessibility

The installation and configuration of the motor is simple and can be carried out by professionals or by users with basic DIY skills. In addition, its ease of use makes it accessible to people of all ages and abilities, improving the accessibility and convenience of the product.

Instructions for use

  1. Ignition and basic controlTurn on the motor using the remote control. Use the buttons on the remote control to extend or retract the awning. The motor allows precise adjustment to obtain the desired position of the awning.
  2. Automatic time schedulingAccesses the programming menu on the remote control. Set specific times for the awning to automatically extend or retract. This is useful for controlling sun exposure in your home or business and for furniture protection.
  3. Integration with home automation systemsIf the motor is connected to a home automation system, it uses the mobile app or central control panel to operate the awning. This integration allows for more flexible control and additional options, such as responding to specific weather conditions.
  4. Consult the user's manualFor more specific details on programming and control options, always refer to the owner's manual provided with the motor. The manual will also include maintenance and troubleshooting tips for common problems.

The Cherubini ORA ZRX Ø45 radio-controlled motor is an excellent investment due to its combination of advanced functionality, durability and energy efficiency. Its ease of use and ability to integrate with home automation systems make it a modern and convenient solution for controlling awnings.

Weight supported by Motor

The weight that the motors can lift is measured in Newton and the convergence in kilograms is as follows:

Motor 15Nm = kgs.     

Motor 25Nm = kgs.     

Motor 32Nm = kgs. 

Motor 40Nm = kgs.

Motor 50Nm = kgs.

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, ,
, ,

Technical characteristics

Additional information

Motors Nm

10 Nm 17rpm, 20 Nm 17rpm, 30 Nm 17rpm, 40 Nm 17rpm, 50 Nm 12rpm

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  1. Great. I received them, put them in place and that's it.
    Simple, effective.
    November 2023

  2. Perfect treatment, professional and fast.
    My order arrived in perfect condition and in a short time.

    100% recommended

  3. Good sliding mosquito nets and arrive very quickly

  4. Hi, I bought 6 mosquito nets, good quality and excellent service, very fast shipping.

  5. Very good service, ordered three mosquito nets and 4 days had them at home. Very good quality, and very easy to install.

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