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Cherubini POP remote control

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Line of remote controls: practical, with character and customizable in six colors.

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Welcome to our in-depth analysis of the Cherubini POP remote controlan innovation in remote device control. This remote not only stands out for its modern design and intuitive functionality, but also for its compatibility with a wide range of devices.

The purpose of this content is to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive guide to the Cherubini POP remote control that can help you understand its features and benefits, facilitating your purchasing decision.

Technical Specifications


The Cherubini POP remote control is distinguished by its wide compatibility, able to control a wide range of electronic devices, including shutters and awnings. In addition, it can be synchronized with different makes and models of TVs, audio systems, DVD, Blu-ray and other multimedia devices.

Its advanced technology allows for easy configuration with multiple devicesmaking it a universal solution for remote control in the home or office.

Reach and connectivity

This remote control uses advanced infrared technology, which ensures a high level of reliability. stable connection and a precise control without interference. Its effective range of up to 10 meters allows you to control devices even from another room.

Your answer is immediate and reliableThis consistent performance makes it ideal for situations where speed and accuracy are crucial, such as in presentations or when quickly switching from one device to another. This consistent performance makes it ideal for situations where speed and accuracy are crucial, such as in presentations or when switching quickly from one device to another.

Advantages of the Cherubini POP controller

  1. UniversalityCompatibility with a wide range of devices makes it an all-in-one remote control, reducing the need for multiple remotes and simplifying control of all your devices.
  2. Ease of useDesigned with an intuitive interface, the controller is easy to use for all ages. Buttons are clearly labeled and logically arranged, making navigation and control easy.
  3. Durable designBuilt with high quality materials, the Cherubini POP is shock and wear resistant, ensuring a long service life even with frequent use.
  4. Energy savingsThis remote control is energy efficient, with a long battery life that minimizes the need for frequent replacement, making it economical and environmentally friendly.
  5. Improved functionalityAdvanced features, such as universal volume control, favorite channel programming and the ability to control specific devices, significantly increase user convenience and efficiency.

Initial configuration

  1. Battery installation: Open the battery compartment at the back of the controller and insert the batteries provided, making sure that the positive and negative poles are correctly aligned.
  2. Switching on the device to be controlledMake sure that the device you want to control is turned on and in standby mode for configuration.
  3. Programming modePress and hold the programming button on the remote control until the indicator LED lights up, indicating that the remote control is in programming mode.
  4. Device selectionUse the number buttons to enter the code corresponding to the device you wish to control. This code can be found in the user's manual provided with the remote control.
  5. Functional testOnce the code has been entered, test the basic functions of the controller to ensure that the device responds properly.
  6. Confirmation and savingIf the device responds correctly, confirm the configuration by pressing the programming button again. The indicator LED will flash to confirm that the configuration has been successful and saved.
  7. Configuration of additional devicesRepeat the above steps for each additional device you wish to control with the Cherubini POP.

Buy the Cherubini POP remote control is an excellent choice due to its universal versatility, durable design, ease of use and energy efficiency. It simplifies control of multiple devices, provides convenience and saves energy, which significantly improves user experience and is environmentally friendly.


The kit, available on request, consists of caps and cords in 5 colors, with which the end user can customize and differentiate the remote controls in his home.


Emitter single channel intended for the operation of a motor or group of motors.


Multi-channel remote control with 7 channels and a global channel 0, which allows to drive a motor or group of motors.
Possibility to display on the screen only the channels used.

pop control customization kit
pop control customization kit
Technical characteristics

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  3. Good sliding mosquito nets and arrive very quickly

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  5. Very good service, ordered three mosquito nets and 4 days had them at home. Very good quality, and very easy to install.

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