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Mechanical motor for Cherubini WAVE WIRE Ø45 push button (cassette awning)

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Cherubini motor ideal for the motorization of cassette awnings.

Electronic limit switch with wired drive and encoder.

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mechanical motor for cherubini wave wire Ø45 push button (cassette awning)
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mechanical motor for cherubini roll push button ogiva 70 and 78
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The mechanical motor Cherubini WAVE WIRE Ø45 represents a major innovation in the world of cassette awnings. Designed to enhance functionality and durability, this motor is an ideal solution for modernizing your awning system.

Here we will provide you with detailed information about the features, installation, and benefits of the Cherubini WAVE WIRE Ø45 engine, in order to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Technical characteristics

The Cherubini WAVE WIRE Ø45 mechanical motor is designed to offer a high efficiency solution for automation of awnings with cassette. Some of its most outstanding technical features include:

  • Optimum dimensions: The motor has a diameter of 45 mm, making it compatible with a wide variety of awning tubes.
  • Power and performance: Capable of handling a significant load, this motor ensures smooth and efficient movement of the awning, regardless of its size.
  • Voltage and power consumption: Designed to operate efficiently with reduced power consumption, making it not only powerful but also economical.
  • Automation technology: It incorporates advanced technology that allows its integration with remote control and home automation systems.
  • Material and construction: Manufactured with high quality materials, it ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear and adverse weather conditions.


Ease of use

The automation of the awning makes it easy to operate, making it accessible through remote controls or home automation systems, ideal for people of all ages.

Energy savings

Its energy efficiency not only reduces operating costs, but also contributes to a greener home.

Aesthetic improvement

The internal mechanism and motor design ensure that the aesthetics of the awning and outdoor space are not compromised.

Safety and reliability

It offers safe and consistent operation, reducing the risk of malfunction and the need for frequent maintenance.

Versatility in application

Its design allows it to adapt to a variety of awning styles and sizes, making it a versatile solution for different needs.

Cherubini WAVE WIRE Ø45 mechanical motor installation guide

The installation of the Cherubini WAVE WIRE Ø45 motor is a simple process, designed to be accessible even to those with basic technical knowledge:

  1. Preparation: Before starting, make sure that the awning is correctly mounted and secure. Disconnect the electrical power to avoid any risk.
  2. Motor assembly: Insert the motor into the awning tube. Make sure it is properly aligned and secured according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Electrical connections: Make the electrical connections following the diagram provided. It is crucial to ensure that all connections are tight and secure.
  4. Configuration and testing: Once installed, set up the motor according to the instructions. Perform tests to verify that the awning moves smoothly and that the motor stops the awning in the open and closed positions correctly.

Maintenance tips

  • Regular cleaning: Keep the motor free of dust and dirt. Wiping the surface with a dry cloth is usually sufficient.
  • Review of connections: Periodically check electrical connections to make sure they are still secure and there are no signs of wear.
  • Lubrication: If necessary, apply lubricant to the moving parts of the motor to ensure smooth operation. Refer to the owner's manual for specific lubrication recommendations.
  • Visual inspection: Perform visual inspections to detect any signs of damage or wear and tear and address them early.

The motor Cherubini WAVE WIRE Ø45 is a smart investment because of its ease of installation, energy efficiency, and durability. It significantly improves the functionality of awnings, providing comfort and security, making it an ideal option to modernize and optimize any outdoor space.

Weight supported by Motor

To measure the weight that the motors can support, the Newton measure is used, and also, the toe in kilograms. These are some standards:

Motor 10Nm = 25 kgs.     

Motor 20Nm =40 kgs. 

Motor 30Nm = 60 kgs.

Motor 40Nm = 80 kgs.

Motor 50Nm =100 kgs.

The Cherubini with pushbutton are a safe option. They consist of mechanical motors with pushbuttons for screen and shutter. They also have a mechanical limit switch, which is essential, and inverter drive.

It is a perfect engine for the motorization of any vertical system, such as blinds, and for screens or roller blinds.

The Cherubini motor is also very robust and safe, thanks in part to the star-shaped reduction bolt in technopolymer (10-30 Nm) and in Zamak (40-50 Nm). In other words, it is safe, stable and guaranteed.

Its end of stroke is completely mechanical and its regulation is safe and quite intuitive, you will not have to be aware of the instructions. 


Pushbutton types for selection

cherubini ocean mechanical pushbutton motor with emergency unlocking system
cherubini ocean mechanical pushbutton motor with emergency unlocking system
cherubini ocean mechanical pushbutton motor with emergency unlocking system

Technical characteristics

Additional information

Motors Nm

10 Nm 17rpm, 20 Nm 17rpm, 30 Nm 17rpm, 40 Nm 17rpm, 50 Nm 12rpm

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Mechanical motor for Cherubini WAVE WIRE Ø45 push button (cassette awning) Mechanical motor for Cherubini WAVE WIRE Ø45 push button (cassette awning)
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