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EOLIS 3D Wirefree RTS wind sensor

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The EOLIS 3D Wirefree RTS awning wind sensor is battery operated and is easily installed on the end of your awning to protect it from the wind.

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Meet the Wind Sensor EOLIS 3D Wirefree RTSThe wind sensor, an innovative and cutting-edge solution in wind measurement and monitoring. This sensor not only stands out for its accuracy and reliability, but also for its intuitive design and easy installation, making it an ideal choice for professionals and amateurs alike.

In this guide we will give you all the details about this versatile and effective sensor, so you will understand how you can get the most out of your purchase.

EOLIS 3D Wirefree RTS Wind Sensor Features

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions and weight: Compact and lightweight, ideal for installations where space is limited.
  • Measuring range: Capable of measuring wind speeds from light breezes to strong gales, ensuring accuracy over a wide range of conditions.
  • Connectivity: It uses RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) technology for efficient and secure wireless communication.
  • Compatibility: Designed to integrate seamlessly with home automation systems and industrial equipment, offering broad compatibility with various devices and platforms.
  • Food: It is powered by long-life batteries, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Water and dust resistant: Certified with an IP rating, ensuring optimum performance even in adverse conditions.

Wireless Technology

  • Ease of installation: The absence of cables makes it easy to install almost anywhere, without the need for complicated wiring work.
  • Location flexibility: It can be easily relocated to adapt to changing measurement and monitoring needs.
  • Transmission reliability: RTS technology ensures uninterrupted and secure communication between the sensor and the system to which it is connected.

Strength and durability

  • High quality materials: Constructed with corrosion and wear resistant materials, guaranteeing a long service life.
  • Extreme weather proof design: Capable of withstanding extreme conditions, from intense frost to prolonged exposure to sun and wind.
  • Minimal maintenance: Designed to operate efficiently with minimal maintenance, ideal for locations that are difficult to access or where regular maintenance is a challenge.


Easy integration

Designed for easy integration with existing systems, allowing immediate improvement in functionality without the need for extensive modifications.

Improved reliability

Thanks to its advanced technology, it offers consistent and reliable measurementsThis is essential for critical applications where accuracy is paramount.

Energy efficiency

Long-life battery operation reduces the need for frequent maintenance and minimizes energy consumption.

Versatility of application

Suitable for a wide range of environments, from home control to industrial and agricultural applications, showing its versatility and adaptability.

Improved safety

In industrial and agricultural environments, it provides critical data that can help to prevent accidents and improve safety practices.

Installation and maintenance

Installation guide

  1. Site selection: Choose a location that is free of obstructions for accurate wind measurement. Ideally, it should be installed at a considerable height, away from tall buildings, trees or anything else that may disturb wind readings.
  2. Sensor mounting: Use the mounting kit provided. Make sure the sensor is securely attached to avoid movement or dropping due to high winds or adverse weather conditions.
  3. Wireless configuration: Follow the instructions in the manual to connect the sensor to your home automation or industrial system. The RTS technology facilitates a hassle-free configuration.
  4. Functional tests: Once installed, perform tests to verify that the sensor measurements are transmitted correctly and that the data are accurate.

Maintenance tips

  • Regular inspection: Perform periodic inspections to verify the physical integrity of the sensor, especially after extreme weather conditions.
  • Cleanliness: Keep the sensor clean by removing any dust, dirt or debris that may accumulate. Use a soft, dry cloth to avoid damage to the components.
  • Verification of batteries: Regularly check the battery level and replace it when necessary to ensure uninterrupted operation.
  • Software updates: Keep the sensor software up to date to ensure accuracy and take advantage of the latest enhancements and fixes.

The purchase of the Wind Sensor EOLIS 3D Wirefree RTS represents a smart investment for its reliability, energy efficiency and ease of integration. Ideal for a wide range of applications, from home to industries, it ensures accurate measurements and improves safety, being an advanced and versatile solution for wind monitoring needs.

Technical characteristics

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