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How to change the cord of an alicantine blind

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 4 minutes

The alicantine blinds are one of the most demanded alternatives, since they are very easy to use and are highly recommended for the Mediterranean doors and balconiesThe problem is that, in some cases, the passage of time or use may cause the rope to break and need to be replaced. That is why, in this post we show you how to change the cord of an alicantina blind step by step.

How to change the cord of an alicantine blind

The alicantine blinds are operated by means of a rope or cord which allows to collect the slats and roll them up, achieving greater protection from the sun and insects inside the house; a breakage or wear of the rope can prevent its operation. For this reason, we show you below everything you need to know to change the cord of an alicantina blind.

How to change the cord of an alicantine blind

Necessary tools

In order to change the blind cord, you need to have the following cords at your disposal tools:

  • WrenchYou can also use pliers.
  • Hammer.
  • Screwdriver medium flat tip.
  • Lighter.
  • Quality ropeThe blind should be at least 3 times the length of the blind and it is recommended that it be made of nylon.

Changing the cord of an alicantine blind: 4 steps

Once you have all these tools, changing the cord of an alicantina blind is a simple and easy task. fairly simple process It will take you a few minutes; here's how to do it in 4 steps.

1. Unfold the alicantina blind

The first thing to do is rolling up the alicantina blindto be able to handle it better. If it is installed inside a hole, the most common is that you have used open eyebolts, sockets, for its placement; then, to unhook it you must turn your wrists a little more, until it unhooks.

2. Removing the grampions

Once you have it unhooked, what you have to do is to unroll it, on the front side, in one side. large surfaceYou must go to its upright, to the end of the rope that is fixed with staples or clamps.

When you have located it, the next step is to make leverage on these grampionsThe staples can be removed with a flat screwdriver, and use the pliers to extract them. It is important to keep in mind that if it is a PVC shutter, you can loosen the staples while pulling to facilitate their exit; the problem is that if it is made of wood, it is possible that some splinters may come out.

3. Change the rope

Once you have removed the staples or grampions, you can remove the old rope and prepare the new one. The time has come to cut it; here you must be very careful and measure well. You must use a lighter to avoid fraying and melt the freshly cut ends.

Next, you have to place one of the fused ends in the same position where the old rope was; you will have to return to the same position as the old rope. use staples or staples and, if necessary, you can use short, precise blows to help fix the new cord. If necessary, you can use a hammer to help you, since the blows are not enough.

4. Repositioning the alicantinas

Finally, you must turning the alicantina shutter The other end of the rope must be passed through the pulley; then, you have to wind it up again, to hook it with the eyelets or sockets; you must take into account that the knob or handle must face you and not the outside face.

Steps to change the cord of an alicantina blind

Tips to keep in mind

Changing the cord of an alicantina shutter is a very quick and simple process; in any case, we bring you a few tips that can help you during installation:

  • Analyze the top of the blind: This way, you can know the exact position of the eyebolts; what you have to do is to divide this product in 4 equal parts and install 1 eyebolt at ¼ of distance between them.
  • Installation inside the shaftYou should use open sockets for the studs and closed eyebolts for the back of the upright.
  • Wall mountingYou must use pliers.
  • Measurements of the alicantina shutterFor installation on a door, you must subtract 1 or 2 cm from the length of this space, so that it does not touch the floor; for the width, you must add 10/12 cm to the width of the door. On the other hand, if you are going to use it for a window, you must add 10/15 cm to the height and 10/12 cm to the width of the space.

Advantages of an alicantina shutter

Although the alicantine blinds are most demanded in the Mediterranean zoneThe use of these products is highly recommended in any place, since they allow an easy and simple regulation of the light inside your home. installation of alicantina blinds has been growing steadily over the last few years; they also provide greater privacy and prevent insects from entering while keeping your room at the perfect temperature. Here we show you the main advantages to enjoy an alicantina shutter in your home:

  • DarkeningThe operation is very simple and allows you to open or close the blind to have more or less darkness inside your home; however, you will never have total darkness, since between one slat and another there is always a small slit.
  • VentilationThe air will always enter and create currents that favor the entry of the outside freshness, even if you close the blind completely, by leaving a small space between the slats.
  • Protección solarThe glass is not directly exposed to the sun's rays, thus preventing it from heating up and increasing the temperature inside the house.
  • AestheticsThe alicantina blinds give a vintage touch to your home and the wooden models are ideal for rural environments.
  • PriceOne of the main advantages of the alicantine blinds is that they have a lower cost than other similar models, offering the best results with the minimum investment.

In short, changing the cord of an alicantina blind is a simple process that you can do yourself in a few minutes, so do not stop enjoying all the benefits of your blind because the cord has broken or worn out.

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