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How to make a mosquito net for windows

Last updated:
9 February, 2024
Reading time: 3 minutes
Man installing a mosquito screen with window frame

During the warmer months, we are used to opening the windows, especially at night, to better withstand the hot environment thanks to the air currents that form inside the room. But the heat also brings with it the annoying mosquitoes, flies and insects that can enter the house when they find a free way to do so.

To keep these annoying bugs out, the best option is to use mosquito nets, which solve two problems at once: they allow air to pass inside, but stop the insects if they want to enter. You can buy mosquito nets in stores or we can show you how to use them. how to make a window screen.

Why make a homemade mosquito net?

You can choose to buy a mosquito net from any do-it-yourself store or you can make it yourself. The homemade mosquito net can be more versatile, since they adapt perfectly to the dimensions of your window.

We can find from simple mosquito nets using mesh and Velcro, to those more laborious ones that require the manufacturing of a frame. Don't worry though, we will show you, step by step, below. how to create a homemade mosquito net.

Steps to follow to create a homemade insect screen for windows

Before we begin, we must point out that the mesh of the mosquito net can be made of fiberglass, although we can also find them in plastic or metallic and with different colors (green, white or gray). They are usually sold in rolls or in pre-cut sizes.

Materials and tools to make a homemade insect screen

  • Mosquito netting.
  • Ribbons.
  • Metro.
  • Saw and hand saws.
  • Staples and stapler.
  • Squares and rulers.
  • Mitre saw.
  • Cutter, scissors and blade.

Step 1. Measure the window

To know the measurements that the mosquito net must have, it is necessary to measure the width and length of the opening where it is going to be placed. The ideal is to measure at several points, since the window may not have exact measurements, especially if they are old wooden windows. Once you have the measurements, choose the smallest one so that the screen will fit in the window opening.

Step 2. Make the frame

To make the frame, the first thing to do is to measure the strips, taking into account their width to deduct it from one of the pieces. Place the slats in the miter box and cut them with a handsaw. It is also advisable to incorporate a middle lath to give stability, especially if the screen is very large.

Step 3. Putting up the insect screen fabric

Start by stapling one of the corners. The staples should be centered between the two strips. Do the same with the rest of the corners and the reinforcing strip. With a square put a second staple in each joint.

Cut the screen fabric to a size slightly larger than the frame and attach the mesh. Start stapling at one of the corners, carefully holding the mesh in place. When finished, cut off the excess on the rest of the sides.

Staple in the center of each strip and staple again between them and the corners. To make sure the fabric is fully stretched, stretch it out with your free hand as you staple. To finish, trim off the excess screen fabric.

Step 4. Reinforce the slats

After stapling all the fabric, turn the screen over and staple the joints of the slats on the other side. If the frame is large, it is advisable to reinforce the structure with small metal T's or brackets. After that, you will only have to place the mosquito net on the window and enjoy nights safe from mosquitoes.

Other ways to create mosquito nets

Apart from framed insect screens, we can manufacture other very simple designs.

Manufacture of mosquito net for bed

In addition to fiberglass, there are cotton and mesh fabrics that can help you to create a mosquito netting.

Simply measure from the ceiling to the floor of the room and hang a curtain rod. Use the excess space between the ceiling and the rod to create a hem. Sew the hem to the curtain and make holes to thread the rod through and hang the screen curtain.

Manufacture of magnetic mosquito netting

Magnetic mosquito nets can be easily installed in summer and removed in winter without leaving any mark. It is ideal for aluminum or wooden windows (as long as you hang a magnet of opposite magnetism on the frame to be able to stick the mosquito net.

Now that you know how to make a mosquito netYou can certainly get down to work and make them yourself to your liking.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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