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manufacturers of all types of mosquito nets
manufacturers of all types of mosquito nets
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Mosquito nets in Lleida

There are many reasons to install custom-made mosquito nets in homes in Lleida, such as keeping out insects like flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes (which tend to appear more frequently in hot weather), bees, moths, but also pollen and pollution brought by the wind that can affect susceptible people.

At Mosquiteras24h we are experts in this field. Our customers in Lleida have a company that is responsible for manufacturing the best mosquito nets to secure their spaces.

People and their welfare are our goal, so we manufacture mosquito nets in Lérida with an excellent quality-price ratio so that you have the most efficient method of protection.

The use of repellents and electric insect traps are not enough, so the use of mosquito nets in Lleida has become more and more common. The advantage of installing mosquito nets in your home is that it saves you the use of other methods, especially insecticides, which in turn can cause unfavorable reactions to the skin and respiratory tract.

The solution to insects and dust is to hire the professionals of Mosquiteras24h who will take care of your order and manufacture mosquito nets appropriate to the dimensions of your doors and windows to protect every space in your home.

Top selling mosquito nets in Lleida

We are a company that is characterized by speed, efficiency in manufacture and delivery of mosquito nets in Lleida based on different types of colors, frame designs and mesh types.

Now you can rest from the annoying mosquitoes, flies and other incest that invade your spaces made for the enjoyment and day to day family life.

We stand out for being a responsible company since we comply with short manufacturing times of mosquito nets in Lleida that comprise the 24 hours once you have placed your order.

We deliver custom-made mosquito nets with all its accessories for an easy assembly in no more than 48 hours at the door of your home.

Types of mosquito nets with shipping to Lleida

We cannot fail to mention that our services are performed by a highly qualified staff and willing to give you personalized attention, providing a manufacturing service with durable materials, anti-dust, anti-pollen, etc. and all of them easy to install.

Mosquiteras24h has an exclusive selection of designs in frames, with varied colors in our main types of mosquito nets. We pride ourselves on having the best variety of types:

  • Cheap mosquito nets:  It is the quality of what we offer, the best value for money in our mosquito nets with a high degree of durability and fully functional.
  • Roll-up mosquito nets: It is the type most popular and mostly sold in Lérida. It is designed for those who enjoy the air and natural light, because the ease of rolling up the mosquito net without the need to disassemble is always in the aspects of preference of our customers.
  • Sliding mosquito nets: The sliding insect screen is perfectly designed for windows, shutters and sliding enclosures, easy to assemble without the need for screwing.
  • Fixed mosquito nets: We also have fixed models and excellent materials for those areas to be covered permanently.
  • Side door screens: This type of mosquito netting works well in those homes in Lleida that have internal doors in the kitchen or access to the living room that require the free passage of rolling objects.
  • Pleated mosquito nets: They are ideal to complement spaces that have conceptual and avant-garde designs adding more style due to their pleated character.
  • Windproof mosquito nets: Due to its materials you will be sure that wind gusts will not affect the integrity of this type of product. 

Areas of Lleida where we work

We can boast that in Lleida we have had high reception so we have been given the task of expanding to neighboring areas, being these: La Bordeta, Magraners, Pardiñas, Balàfia and Secà of Sant Pere and PardinyesWe offer our entire catalog of products, as well as our manufacturing and delivery service in record time.

You are one step away from protecting your home with the best way to insulate against dust, pollen and insects. Get in touch with us.

We also work in other areas of the country

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