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Alicante blinds in Murcia

Surviving spring and summer in Murcia is complicated. Between the heat and the mosquitoes, these seasons can become a real hell. The option that many Murcians prefer is to put blinds on the windows. But not just any shutters will do, right? If you are one of those who pay attention to aesthetics, Alicante curtains are what you are looking for. Install our alicantina blinds in Murcia and you will have the most flirtatious facade in your neighborhood, without sacrificing quality!

The best selling curtains in Murcia, Spain

The alicantine blinds of Mosquiteras24H are the most requested in Murcia. The reason is none other than the quality of our products, their practicality and durability. Although, according to our customers, our personalized service has a lot to do with it.

We also make every effort to ensure that your order will reach you as soon as possible. We will manufacture your shutter in less than 24 hours. It won't take you more than two days to have it at home.

And by the way! We also offer the best value for money of the entire industry. So, if you are afraid that this investment will hurt your pocket, don't worry.

Why should you install our alicantina blinds in Murcia?

Our alicantinas blinds in Murcia will provide you with great advantages for your home. Equip your windows and outdoor spaces with them and...

  • You will filter the sun that enters your home: The design is ideal for regulating the lights and shadows in your rooms.
  • You will prevent insects from entering: The entrance is prevented by the installation of alicantine blinds.
  • You will minimize the use of products to get rid of these bugs.: something your health will thank you for.
  • Your decoration will be more beautiful: These curtains are a clear example of elegance and tradition.

What are you waiting for to get yours?

Features of our alicantine blinds in Murcia

Do you want to know what makes our catalog stand out from the competition? For the charm of our models, for their high quality materials and for their great diversity:


These curtains have the charm of Alicante's craftsmanship, as their name indicates. For this reason, they have that special oriental touch. In the old days, they were made by cutting the vines into pieces and joining them with wires. Nowadays, they are made with slats. In our store, you will see a wide range of designs and styles.

Materials of the alicantinas blinds in Murcia

Typically, alicantina blinds are constructed of one of these two materials:

  • PVC shutters: The cheapest. They stand out for their long service life and light weight.
  • Wooden shutters: The most beautiful, but you have to know where to place them. Keep in mind that wood is a living material, which fluctuates depending on the temperature. 

Which one do you prefer?

Variety of colors and finishes

As the demand for alicantinas shutters in Murcia is overwhelming, we want to provide you with a wide variety of models. With our catalog, you can choose your favorite color (or the one that best suits your home). We also offer different finishes for your curtain: natural wood imitation, walnut, blue and rustic green...

alicantina blinds in Murcia

Buy your made to measure blinds in Murcia

In Mosquiteras24, we manufacture cheap alicantinas blinds made to measure. Choose the height and width you want when you order them, they will fit your windows perfectly!

Areas of Murcia where we work

Being from Murcia, what are we going to tell you about the heat and mosquitoes in your area that you don't already know? That's why you're looking for Alicante blinds, right?

Mosquiteras24H works all over Murcia, Your curtains will reach you wherever you live! We have already shipped products to Lorca, Caravaca de la Cruz, Mazarrón, Puerto Lumbreras or Cartagena. Add your location to this list.

Do you want to consultancy? If so, just give us a call. We will help you choose the best option for you. If you already know which model you want, just let us know. You'll have it in no time.

We also work in other areas of the country

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