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Radio motor Somfy OXIMO 40 io 40mm axis

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The most comfortable and safe option for our home, fast and silent, they provide us with the comfort of not having to operate our blinds with the tedious tape.

    • rn t

    • 2.5 meters of cable for connection.

rn t

    • Valid for shaft of 40mm.

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    • Remote control not included.


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    • Quiet and fast.

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    • Guarantee of 5 years.

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    • Easy up and down adjustment with control.


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mechanical motor for cherubini roll pushbutton 40mm axis
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mechanical push button motor somfy ls 40 shaft 40mm
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The Radio motor Somfy OXIMO 40 io axis 40mm represents an innovative solution in the automation of blinds and awnings. This motor combines state-of-the-art technology with ease of use, offering a unique experience in the control of your spaces.

This guide is designed to provide a detailed understanding of the Somfy OXIMO motor, from technical features to installation and maintenance tips, to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Technical details and specifications of the Somfy OXIMO Engine

The Somfy OXIMO 40 io 40mm axis radio motor is a high-tech product designed for automation of shutters and awnings. These are its technical specifications:

  • Motor diameter: 40 mm, making it compatible with a wide range of blinds and awnings.
  • Load capacity: It can support up to 30 kg, ensuring efficient operation even in larger applications.
  • Operating speed: 12 revolutions per minute, ensuring fast and smooth unfolding and retraction of blinds or awnings.
  • Wireless connectivity: Equipped with radio technology, it allows easy and convenient remote operation.
  • Operating voltage: Compatible with standard electrical systems, ensuring easy integration into different environments.
  • Protection against obstacles: The motor has an obstacle detection system that stops the movement if it encounters resistance, thus protecting both the motor and the blind or awning.
  • Memory function: Capable of remembering favorite positions, allowing you to adjust the blinds or awnings to the desired position at the touch of a button.

Benefits and applications of the Somfy OXIMO Motor

Home automation

This engine is perfect for smart homes, allowing for integration with home automation systems for total control of daylighting and privacy.

Energy efficiency

By effectively controlling the entry of sunlight, it helps to reduce the need for artificial air conditioning, which can result in significant energy savings.

Comfort and convenience

With its remote control and the ability to program favorite positions, it offers unparalleled convenience, allowing effortless adjustment of blinds or awnings.

Improved security

The possibility of programming the opening and closing of blinds at specific times can contribute to the security of the home, giving the impression that the house is occupied even when it is not.

Product longevity

Smooth and controlled motor operation helps extend the life of blinds and awnings by avoiding wear and tear caused by manual handling.

Commercial applications

Ideal also for offices, restaurants and other commercial spaces where efficient light control and aesthetic presentation are important.


Compatible with a range of accessories and configurations, it easily adapts to the specific needs of each user or space.

How to Install the Somfy OXIMO Motor

  1. Preparation: Before starting the installation, make sure you have all the necessary tools, such as screwdrivers, electric drill, level, tape measure, adjustable wrench and pencil. Also, make sure you have the installation kit provided with the motor.
  2. Dismantling of the existing blinds or awning: If you already have a blind or awning installed, you will need to disassemble it before installing the Somfy OXIMO Motor. This usually involves removing the existing fixings and brackets carefully to avoid damaging the material of the blind or awning.
  3. Motor assembly: Place the motor in the desired position on the shaft of the blind or awning. Make sure the motor is properly aligned with the shaft and the brackets are in place. Use the drill to drill pilot holes in the brackets and attach the motor to the shaft using the screws provided. Verify that the motor is securely fastened and level.
  4. Electrical connection: Connect the motor's electrical wires to a suitable electrical power source following the manufacturer's instructions. This usually involves connecting phase and neutral wires. If you are inexperienced in electrical work, it is recommended that a qualified electrician perform this part of the installation to ensure safety.
  5. Remote control configuration: Synchronize the remote control provided with the motor by following the specific instructions. This may involve pressing buttons in a particular order or entering codes.
  6. Adjustment of the limits: Program the opening and closing limits of the motor. This will ensure that the blind or awning will automatically stop in the desired positions without damage.
  7. Functional test: Perform test runs to ensure that the motor moves the blind or awning smoothly and stops in the correct positions.
  8. Final assembly: Secure any protective covers or covers provided with the motor. Reassemble any accessories, such as the blind or awning attachment, that you previously removed.

Buy the Somfy OXIMO 40 io radio motor 40mm axis is an excellent choice due to its advanced technology, which provides efficient automation, comfort and energy savings. Its versatility and ease of installation make it a smart solution for improving the quality of life in the home or optimizing commercial environments.

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Simplified installation:
Automatic adjustment of limit switches (roller shutter with rigid joints and stops).

Reinforced security:
128-bit encryption key unique to each installation.

Real-time visibility thanks to io technology:
- Confirmation of the correct execution of the given orders (green LED).
- Real-time performance monitoring of your installation.

Adaptable solution to all types of roller shutters and to all accessories of the LT range.

Improved product shelf life thanks to the Somfy Drive ControlTM the motor automatically compensates for variations in the length of the blind over the years.

Ice protection: the motor stops when the shutter goes up, in case of frost.

Roller shutter protection by stop obstacles: automatic stop if an obstacle gets in the way of its downward travel.

Resistance to theft: resistance to lifting when the louver is lowered.

Delivery time

2 working days. 24 hours of preparation and another 24 hours for the agency to drop it off at the destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why motorize roller shutters?

With motorized blinds, you no longer have to operate tedious belts or cranks.. Life is so much simpler when all you have to do is press a button.

Technical characteristics

Additional information

Motors Nm

13 Nm 10rpm, 9 Nm 16rpm

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