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Combating the Bee Fly: Effective Strategies and Solutions

Last updated:
9 February, 2024
Reading time: 3 minutes

The bee fly is an insect that most of the time we confuse with normal bees, but do you really know what it is or how to prevent it? Join us to learn more about it! Are you ready?

What is it?

The bee fly belongs to the family of syrphids, the adult insects of this species. come to the nectar of the flowers. They perform the pollination work but to a lesser extent due to the pilosity (the hair covering their body). Hence, the principle of their appearance and their confusion among bees. Not forgetting that these insects do have the ability to sting and are the first to appear at the end of winter.

bee fly

How to identify it

Here are a series of characteristics that you should pay attention to in order to identify them. In Spain we can find around 300 species of hoverflies.


This type of insects presents various sizes. They are mostly large and have a lot of hair, they can be up to 40 millimeters size.

Compared to the smaller, thinner and less hairy ones, their size does not exceed 1.2 millimeters.

Color and pattern

The predominant colors of these insects are the following yellowish mixed with blackThe patterns are very marked on the abdomen, but not linearly complete.


Its behavior resembles that of bees, with a distinction of its flight that lacks buzzing.

Differences between bees and bee flies

At first glance, it is very difficult to identify them, since the bee fly mimics their bright color to confuse predators.

The main differentiation is in the antennae, wings and eyes.


The bee fly has the very small antennaswhile a bee are large and colorful. 


The second differentiation we can observe are the wings, have only twowhile the bees have two pairs of these, i.e. four pairs of.


The flies present two large round eyeswhile the bees have five eyesTwo of them are elongated, and the other three are above his forehead.

The danger of stings

The bee fly is characterized by its bitea reddish spot on the area of your body that tends to swell. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from them and where we usually find them.

How to protect yourself from them?

Use insect repellentsWe recommend that you use those whose main components are lemon or eucalyptus oil. It will help you to keep these insects away.

See do not touch the flowers and when you go to meadows wearing long-sleeved clothing to avoid the contact of bee flies with your skin.

Where do we usually find them?

These insects nest in the parks, meadowsareas where previously there was an abundance of wildflower growth and, in general, in places where flowers proliferate.

Bee fly control and prevention in the home

Here are some tips on how to prevent the appearance of bee flies in your home.

Use of mosquito nets and protective nets

Install mosquito nets on the windows of your house, especially those closest to the gardens to prevent any species of bee flies from entering.

For outdoor locations such as patios, you can install protective nets.

We recommend using custom-made mosquito netsyou can find models of: fixed mosquito nets, folding or pleatedas an effective measure for the prevention of bee flies in your homes.

Regardless of the model of mosquito nets you choose, you must ensure that its installation is carried out correctly and that its maintenance will be optimal. in the future; thus ensuring excellent protection.

Nest removal

Care and maintenance of planters or pots of your home with the right products and get rid of the weeds before these insects lay eggs in your home.

Products and treatments on them

There are specific products and treatments that can help reduce the appearance of these bee flies. Consult a professional or use over-the-counter products for safe and effective control.

With these preventive measures, you will no longer have to worry about the entry of these insects and you will be able to relax in your home and free yourself from the nuisance caused by bee flies once winter is over.

Can they be beneficial in any way?

At first glance, this insect is not beneficial to us, in fact, we usually find it annoying. However, it is not only a factor that indicates that in our country we have biodiversitybut also eliminate aphids by feeding on them when they are larvae.

In some areas, they are used as biological pest control.


The bee fly is a quite intelligent insect that uses its physical appearance to confuse predators so as not to be attacked.. You simply have to be careful with them and prevent this type of insect from entering your home.

Remember to use mosquito nets, repellent sprays and appropriate clothing. when you go to meadows for to be able to enjoy the outdoor environment with total prevention.

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