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How to relieve itching from tiger mosquito bites?

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 4 minutes
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Tiger mosquitoes are becoming more and more numerous in our country, especially on the Mediterranean coast. This insect is not just any mosquito, their bites can be quite painful and it is not easy to relieve itching from tiger mosquito bites. Not to mention that it is a transmitter of diseases. 

Their bite is not inevitable and during the summer many people go to emergency rooms and doctors with significant and uncomfortable lesions from tiger mosquito bites.

What does the tiger mosquito look like?

The tiger mosquito is an insect that can measure up to 10 mm lengthIt is black in color with a characteristic white stripe running down its abdomen to its head and with stripes also on its hind legs. Due to its aggressive bite, it has been called "tiger".

Here are a few points to get to know it better:

  • Flies and attacks during the day and takes refuge at night. It is quite aggressive during dawn and dusk (6 to 10 am and 4 to 10 pm).
  • Fertilized females are those that they are itching to get eggs to lay. They feed mainly on human blood, although they also bite birds and mammals.
  • They can make several bites on hips and on the same person.
  • Their sting can go through clothing.
  • It prefers to live in small places, with water and people nearby. They can be easily seen in urban orchards, terraces, gardens, etc. It is therefore advisable to use pleated mosquito nets in homes that have these areas, especially if it is in tiger mosquito-friendly climates.
tiger mosquito

What damage does the tiger mosquito cause?

The human beings are sensitive to stinging insect, since it hurts and stings more than the common mosquito bite. It usually causes inflammation, pain, itching, rash, and even cause infectionIf we scratch compulsively and excessively, we can cause injuries to our skin.

This mosquito, especially the fertilized female, itching to suck blood and, at the same time, inoculates its saliva that is toxic for our organism and usually lasts up to 4 days in the human body. To combat it, the body releases histamine to fight this toxic substance and that is when the symptoms of the sting begin.

In addition to the bite, this mosquito is disease carrier such as dengue or yellow fever and is a transmitter of viral diseases to animals. On the other hand, its bite can cause an allergic reaction and produce anaphylactic shock or asthma.

What to do when we suffer many tiger mosquito bites or have allergies?

If the tiger mosquito bites us and we suffer several bites or we are allergic to them, we have to do the following:

  • Wash the affected area and apply an anti-itch solution to reduce itching and injury. Ice numbs the skin and reduces heat, a pain reliever that slows down the reaction.
  • Use antihistamines to stop the outbreak at any sign of allergy.
  • When there are many stings and the reaction is extensive, the corticoid cream help against itching and reduce the duration of the itch.

How to relieve tiger mosquito bites with home remedies?

man scratching his arm

In addition to commercial products to treat stings, we can also use home remedies to soothe tiger mosquito bites:

Apply cold to the area 

If you have just been bitten by a tiger mosquito, you can wet the area with cold water or apply ice to reduce the inflammation. Of course, ice burns, so it is advisable to avoid prolonged contact with the skin.

Use ammonia

Applying ammonia can also be a remedy to relieve the itching of a sting. Even if it does not reduce the inflammation or pain, if we act quickly we can end the annoying itchingThe pH of the ammonia neutralizes the mosquito's venom.

Use Aloe Vera

This plant has been commonly used to treat different types of wounds throughout history and it is a good resource for treating a mosquito bite. Aloe vera generates a refreshing and anti-inflammatory gel in its leaves that is effective if we apply it on the affected area. We can expand the gel of the plant and let it act and dry on the wound. It also exists in the form of creams.

Pour baking soda

Using baking soda can help to neutralize the pH of the skin after a bite. For it to work we have to apply the paste (mixture of baking soda and water) and let it sit for a few minutes. After this, wash the area and remove the ointment. 

Uses thyme 

Thyme has antibacterial properties that relieve the pain of the bite and help to prevent it from becoming infected if we have scratched it. We can crush the leaves of this plant and apply them directly on the grass and leave them for 10 minutes.


The constituents of the leaves of these plants are effective for soothe itchy bites and even scare away insects. To find the solution, we have to boil a pot of water and add dried leaves of the plant. After that, let it cool and apply with a damp cloth the liquid on the bite. You can also use the leaf directly on the wound.

In conclusion, if the mosquito has already bitten you and we are quick, we can avoid the intense itching, inflammation and wounds caused by scratching, we can find different remedies for relieve itching from tiger mosquito bites. The best performance is the prevention and protection against tiger mosquitoes with elements such as the different types of mosquito nets that exist.

The best solution is to prevent the entry of the tiger mosquito, avoiding not only allergies, but also the diseases it can transmit. Install mosquito nets on doors and windows, especially during the summer. You can opt for mosquito nets for casement windows or door screens, which are discreet, allow air to pass through and prevent mosquitoes from entering. With this measure, you will enjoy an environment free of these annoying insects and you will protect yourself from their consequences.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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