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How to fix roll-up mosquito nets: step by step

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 3 minutes

The roll-up mosquito nets are one of the most demanded options to protect your home from insects. These elements can be raised and lowered as if they were normal blinds; therefore, they are the most popular option to protect your home from insects. most popular alternative for installation in any type of window.

The problem is that this can cause them to break down and your malfunctioningFor this reason, we are going to show you how to fix a roll-up mosquito net.

Steps to follow

Fixing a roller mosquito net is very easy and will not take you much time, so here we will show you how to fix your roller mosquito net in 3 simple steps:

  1. Identify the problemThe most common failure is that the screen has broken and needs to be replaced by a new one. Other common failures are a broken tensioner or hitch; it is also possible that the spring that allows the mosquito net to be retracted has broken.
  2. Get your spare partThe identification of the fault is used to determine which is the complement you must acquire, such as a doormat blind guide or fittings for mosquito nets. You must choose one that is compatible with your model; therefore, it is best to do it in a specialized store like ours. In this way, you can access a wide variety of options to choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes; in addition, our experts will help you choose the right product for your mosquito net.
  3. Replace the part with a new oneThis process depends on the type of replacement you have to use. For example, to change the coupling you only have to remove the old one from the guide and place the new one on it; on the other hand, if you have to replace the fabric with a new one, the process is more complex.

Installation of a rolling insect screen in a house

How to change the fabric of a roll-up insect screen

If the failure of your roll-up mosquito net is that the mesh has broken and you cannot fix it, it is important that you replace the old fabric with a new one quickly. This process is very simple and all you have to do is remove the slides, disassemble the head of your product and remove the mesh from the drawer. To do this, you have to remove the screws and the covers; therefore, it is recommended that you observe how they were located before starting to disassemble it, so that when you go to install it again you will not have any problem.

In addition, you have to have a lot of beware of the dock sideTo prevent it from hurting you: it is important that you hold the plastic piece tightly while separating it from the head. Once separated and you observe how it tries to rotate, follow the piece until it unloads the furniture completely; once this is achieved, all you have to do is removing the old mesh.

Finally, you have to to insert the new fabric in the correct way. You have to perform this process very carefully, to avoid breaking it with the peaks of the aluminum profile; in this way, you will have a roller mosquito screen as good as new without the need to change it completely.

It is essential that the fabric is of good quality, to avoid rapid breakage and ensure a long service life of your roller mosquito net; therefore, it is recommended that you purchase these products in a specialized store, such as Mosquiteras24H.

In addition, you can always save the damaged screen; this way, if a hole appears in your screen, all you have to do is cut a piece of the old material and sew it to the new screen.

Tips on how to fix a roller screen

The following are some of the tips that can help you help fix a roll-up mosquito net:

  • Spare partIt is very important that you choose an exact model that is compatible with your mosquito net. You have to verify that the height and width are correct; in addition, you must verify that the type of hooking of the fabric of the upper and lower part is the right one.
  • Dismantle the insect screenIt is best to remove the guides first and then the head. In addition, you must be careful with the spring side, to avoid damaging it.
  • PriceThe only drawback is that the cost may be higher than replacing the entire screen with a new one. Therefore, it is very important that you analyze well the budget that you are going to allocate to this function or, on the other hand, it is more advisable to buy a new one.

Now that you know all about how to fix a roller screen, what are you waiting for to fix yours?

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Written by: Javier Marquez Barneto


13 comments on “Cómo arreglar mosquiteras enrollables: paso a paso”

  1. Good afternoon
    I am going to change the mesh of the insect screen, can you tell me how to attach the mesh to the aluminum profile?

  2. Good morning
    My mosquito net is a roll-up mosquito net, and both when lowered and rolled up it is hard.
    Can you tell me what is wrong with it?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Maria,
      The problem is probably in the spring that activates the mosquito net. You can send us a video by mail so we can advise you better. Regards

    1. Hello Gloria,
      This can be solved by placing an anti-wind mat in the side guides, this mat fits inside the perforations of the fabric and retains it against strong gusts of wind. If you need this product, you can request it via email to Greetings

      1. Good morning, I have a mosquito net that does not close on one side and it is the type that is tendlsa with an exagonal key. Does it have to do with that? Do I have to adjust it with the key?
        Thank you

        1. Hello Jose,
          If the mosquito net does not attach on one side
          Try loosening the locking bolt on the side that does not engage until it does. If it does not, the latch bolt may be broken.


          1. Hello, it has broken where it meets the bottom plastic, for now it is a piece but when going up or down it will break completely. Can I fix it?

          2. Hello, you can replace the replacement fabric and keep the structure and mechanisms of the screen.

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