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How to make wooden screen doors?

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 4 minutes
screen door made of wood

During the summer, we like to have the door of our garden or terrace open to enjoy the cool breeze in the evenings. However, this has the disadvantage that pollen, dust or insects such as mosquitoes can enter the home. To avoid this, one solution is to install a mosquito net to keep them away even when the light is on. An interesting type of mosquito netting is the wooden screen doors.

How to measure a screen door?

Before even making a custom screen door, we have to take the correct measurements so that the door will fit properly. mosquito netting to match the opening and we do not have problems later. When measuring we have to count on tape measure and pencil to mark measurements appropriate.

Getting the right size for the screen door may seem simple, but when the door is custom made, the dimensions of the sides may vary slightly. If the measurements are not correct, the door will not open or close properly.

Although, fortunately, most modern houses are equipped with with standard sizes that do not involve any complications.

Steps to properly measure your screen door

First of all, we have to look at the outside of the door. This is where we have to take the corresponding measurements for the door to fit properly.

Next, take 3 width measurements (one top, one bottom and one middle). The smallest measurement will be the one chosen to obtain the width of the door.

With the height, we do the same and also take the smallest measurement. Finally, we subtract 0.6 cm from the width of the door frame and 1.2 cm from the height of the door frame. This will ensure the fit of the screen door in the door frame.

Screen door sizing tips

Most standard door frames are between 70 to 1m wide. In addition, 2m is the standard height for most door frames. Ideally, the wood screen we are going to create should fit between these measurement ranges.

How to build a wooden screen door

aged screen door

Next, we are going to point out what materials and tools we will need to create our wooden screen door, as well as the steps to follow to achieve it.


  • 4 wooden boards 1.5 cm thick (for the height measure the length of the door opening where the mosquito net will go).
  • Wood 15 cm high by the width of the door and half a centimeter thick.
  • Wood glue and vinyl glue.
  • Hinges (3 units).
  • Stapler
  • Screwdriver and screws.
  • Mosquito netting.
  • Ruler, pencil and scissors.

Step by step

The steps to build a wooden screen door are:

  • Measure and cut the wood. We have to make sure to measure the opening where the door will go. Once we know the measurements, we have to cut the wooden boards and create a rectangular frame. Remember that the screen will be mounted on the base door frame and that, in the middle of the large frame, there will be a 15 cm piece of wood that will serve to reinforce the door.
  • Join and paste. We use glue at each end to join the planks that form the wooden frame. Once glued, we screw them together. Once the frame is finished, we glue the piece of wood that has to go in the middle of it horizontally crossed. It will also have to be screwed to the sides to make it firm.
  • Paint. We can choose the color we like and apply it on the frame. It is important that this step is done before placing the mosquito net.
  • Hinges. We have to screw the 3 hinges to the frame. We can use as a model the door that is already in the opening to know the exact measurement between the hinges.
  • Engrampa. It is time to place the mosquito netting and that we will have to have already cut in advance to the size of the frame. We can use a stapler or other strong glue to prevent it from peeling off.
  • Place. Once the screen door is ready, the only thing left to do is to screw the other side of the hinges to the door frame on which the new screen will be mounted.

Benefits of installing insect screens for doors

wooden door against mosquitoes

The benefits of installing insect screens for wooden doors:

Keeps insects away

The mosquito nets for doors help to enjoy refreshing nights without fearing that mosquitoes and other insects can enter the home, as well as pollen or dust. We will be able to sleep peacefully even with the light on.

Durable door screen

Wood stands out as a material that creates a rustic and timeless style, as well as providing great quality and durability. Therefore, it creates a secure structure on which to place the mosquito net and prevent mosquitoes from entering the home.

Peace of mind and well-being

Having a mosquito net, whatever type it is, assures us tranquility and well-being to enjoy peaceful nights throughout the year. In addition, we can have the light on without fear of being bothered by insects such as spiders, bees, wasps, flies, mosquitoes, etc.

Safety for children

It is also a very safe option to ventilate the house, since it is possible to ventilate the home without problems and leave the door or window completely open. This way, if we have pets or children, they will be safe, since they will not be able to go outside unless we want them to.

Energy savings

The use of mosquito nets allows a current of fresh air to enter the interior of the home at night. This means that, in the warmer months, it will not be necessary to use the air conditioning system, thus saving energy. There is also no need to spend on insecticides, so we are also environmentally friendly.


Insect screens provide privacy, since from the inside we can see what is happening outside, but not the other way around. From the outside you will not be able to see what is going on inside.

As you can see, having wooden screen doors is a good option, since it will protect the accesses to the home from allergens and insects and, in addition, it looks quite good in the decoration, giving a rustic style.

If you need a buy mosquito net We offer custom-made mosquito screens to fit your home, our fabrication services in different materials are the ideal choice. We offer customized insect screens to suit your specific needs. We have fixed mosquito nets, which always stay in place, providing constant protection.

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