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Where do mosquitoes hide in a room?

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 3 minutes
man trying to kill mosquitoes in a room

One of the most annoying things at bedtime is that suddenly, when you are about to fall asleep, you hear a high-pitched buzzing sound. And, when you want to realize it, you find a mosquito bite somewhere on your body. And the first thing that comes to mind is where do mosquitoes hide in a room? so that it's right in yours and stings you.

Mosquitoes generally prefer damp, dark and warm areas to hide in, so it is a good idea to check the corners of your room to find out where the mosquito that bothers you so much is hiding.

In this post we are going to tell you which are the areas that mosquitoes like to hide in a room and how to prevent them from coming back to bother or bite.

Where do mosquitoes usually hide in a room?

Next, we will indicate where mosquitoes usually hide in order to look for them and put an end to them.

drawing of places where a mosquito usually hides and lives

In corners

The corners of the home and, more especially, of the bedroom usually have enough space to accommodate a wide range of humidity, darkness and warmth so that they can hide. These conditions are also ideal for them to lay eggs in areas where there may be leaks and puddles such as gutters.

It is good to air the corners and to install a mosquito netting, This will prevent mosquitoes from proliferating in these areas and the home from becoming overrun with mosquitoes. It is also advisable to have an insecticide in the summer season, when mosquitoes abound, to spray from top to bottom the corners of the room and drive them away.

Behind doors

Although it may seem unbelievable, mosquitoes like placing eggs in shaded areas such as behind a doorway. These areas have a high risk of becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially if there is also humidity. It is advisable to close them when not in use.

Between the curtains

Curtains are an ideal place for mosquitoes to land. To prevent them from attaching themselves to this area, we have to shake them to get them out of there while the window is open and make them go away or eliminate them. If we have curtains in our room and, in addition, they are complicated to move, then it will be the ideal place for mosquitoes to hide.

Above or below the plants

Some plants have a tendency to retain water due to its own shape and this makes them an ideal place for attract mosquitoes and multiply, especially if they are indoors. To avoid this, it is advisable not to pour water directly on the plant and to wet the soil without leaving puddles on it.

The pot must always have a hole in its base to avoid excess water, so that it cannot be allowed to drain. filtering easily and not creating possible puddles.

Under the bed

Mosquitoes are as smart as they are annoying, so they will try to look for places with difficult access to rest, incubate and digest food. Under the bed is an ideal place for this, especially if the floor is carpeted.

We recommend having the area under the bed well cleaned to check if there are mosquitoes "resting" and take the opportunity to eliminate them with insecticide.

Your pets' water

I'm sure you've never really thought about it, but the pet water dishIn addition to quenching their thirst, it is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes if we are not careful. To avoid this, we must change the water frequently and prevent the eggs from breaking in the open air if they have already been laid in this water.

The mosquito net as a solution

insect screen corner

The most effective and simplest way to eliminate any hint of mosquitoes in a room is to do not let them enter the home. One way to avoid this is to use a mosquito net

These are easy to install and can be installed on both doors and windows. Thanks to them we will no longer have to worry that we will have to worry about the mosquitoes bother us while we sleep. In addition, they are very practical and economical and we can choose, among others, roll-up mosquito nets or fixed mosquito nets according to our needs.

In conclusion, a mosquito can achieve simple forms of hide in a roomWhether in dark corners on furniture, under the bed or other areas where they go unnoticed. Having a mosquito net will save us from having to look for them in these areas of our room.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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