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Goodbye bites! Discover the secret of natural repellent

Last updated:
9 February, 2024
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Did you know that there are certain products that help keep insects, especially mosquitoes, away from our bodies? Seasons of the year, such as summer, can be quite annoying due to the bites of these species. 

In this article, I tell you how you can get rid of them in a very homemade way, with products that we all have at home and with others that help us to prevent them from passing through.

What is natural mosquito repellent?

A natural mosquito repellent is called a those products that are used to repel insectsmainly to the mosquitoes because of the odors given off by these products, plants or foodstuffs.

Natural mosquito repellent is one of the many options you can use to deal with these pesky mosquitoes, but there are also more options to prevent them from entering our property and invading our personal space. We tell you all about it!

mosquito repellent

How to get it?

Mosquitoes are insects that are very sensitive to different types of odors. It is proven that they do not like some of them! These odors produce a series of rejection and serve as a protective barrier against them.


The first smell they hate is that of the lemon. To prevent them from coming to our homes, cut a lemon in half and put some cloves inside it. The citrus smell repels them. Check it out!


The second home remedy that can be used as an anti-mosquito repellent is the vinegar. If you want to prohibit them from entering your home, write down these steps. Take half a glass of water and pour a quart of vinegar in it, then stir it. Place this mixture near windows or outdoor spaces, places where you think these insects can sneak in.

Basil or lavender

The smell of basil and lavenderalso repulses them. Simply put, place a plant of this type in your garden or yard to scare them away.


Bags of infusions of chamomile are used to make an anti-mosquito spray which you can then spray on the skin (avoid contact with sensitive parts of the body such as the face) or in the spaces you want to protect. Simply pour two tablespoons of chamomile in half a liter of boiling water. Let the mixture steep for 6 hours and you're done. You have just created your own mosquito spray!


The garlic gives off a very strong smell that also keeps them away. You have to follow the same steps as with chamomile. Peel several garlic bulbs and place them in a container with water.Wait a few hours for the water to soak in all the odor, and then transfer the mixture to a spray bottle.


The coffeeis another odor they can't stand, for that, removes coffee grounds and let them dry in the open air. When they are completely dry, burn them with a match. The smell produced by this combustion will keep them away.

Essential oils

Oils whose main components are eucalyptus, peppermint, or tea tree, keeps this type of insects away. To prepare repellents with them, you will have to pour a few drops in boiling water and then mix them with 4 tablespoons of 40 proof alcohol. Let the mixture cool and transfer it to a bottle or spray bottle. With that, we just got your natural repellent!

Is natural mosquito repellent effective?

Homemade mosquito repellents are effective in keeping these insects at bay. However, if you have an infestation of them, it is more advisable to purchase an over-the-counter product, which is usually more aggressive. These natural repellents, work only with mosquitoes, are not compatible with other types of insects or invertebrates. 

These mosquitoes they come to people or animals to suck their blood. The females then feed their eggs in order to reproduce. 

How to avoid bites

Mosquito bites can be avoided in many cases. Here are some tips on how to avoid them.

Long clothes

Use long-sleeved clothingThe colors should cover most of the body and should not be brightly colored. Use a range of light colors that do not attract so much attention. 

Mosquito nets and protective nets

Install mosquito nets on the windows of your house, especially those closest to the gardens to prevent any species of bee flies from entering.

For outdoor locations such as patios, you can install protective nets.

We recommend using custom-made mosquito netsyou can find models of: fixed mosquito nets, folding or pleatedas an effective measure for the prevention of bee flies in your homes.

Regardless of the model of mosquito nets you choose, you must ensure that its installation is carried out correctly and that its maintenance will be optimal. in the future; thus ensuring excellent protection.

Air conditioning

Uses the air conditioning (in moderation) inside the home, prevents the presence of mosquitoes in the environment. 

How to soothe a mosquito bite

Mosquito bites are usually quite annoying, the area becomes inflamed, reddish in color and itchy. To soothe these bites there are several remedies you can use at home.

The first of these is apply cold to the affected areaIf it is not, wet the part of the body or put some ice on it, but never directly on the skin, as it may burn it.

Uses aloe veraIf the skin is irritated, a cream or gel containing this ingredient will help soothe the irritation. 

Restrict a fresh parsley or basil leaves on your arm.

Or finally, create a paste with water and sodium bicarbonatespread it on the area and rinse after 10 minutes. 


Mosquitoes and mosquito bites are often quite annoying.invade our home and our personal space. However, by means of mosquito repellents or other measures such as mosquito nets, clothing or the use of air conditioning, you will be able to enjoy your peace of mind and feel carefree in your home. Try it! 

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