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Alicante blinds in Granada

Coping with spring and summer in Granada is not easy. Between the heat and the mosquitoes, these seasons become hell. The solution to this that many Grenadians prefer is to install blinds on their windows. But you're not satisfied with just anyone, are you? If you are one of those who give importance to aesthetics, the alicantinas curtains are what you are looking for. Put our alicantina blinds in Granada and you will get the most flirtatious facade of your neighborhood, without sacrificing quality!

The best-selling Alicante curtains in Granada

The alicantine blinds of Mosquiteras24H are the most demanded in Granada. The reason is none other than the quality of our products, their functionality and durability. However, our personalized treatment also has something to do according to our customers.

We have to say that we are working very hard to ensure that to your order as soon as possibleWe will build your shutter in less than a day. So it won't take you more than 48 hours to have it at home.

It should also be noted that we guarantee the best value for money of the entire shutter market. So, if you were afraid about the price of yours, you can rest assured.

Why install our alicantina blinds in Granada?

Our alicantina blinds in Granada will offer you incredible advantages for your home. Install them in your windows and outdoor spaces and...

  • Control the lighting in your homeThe design is intended to regulate the sunlight and shadows in your rooms.
  • You will prevent insects from enteringThe following is a barrier to prevent them from passing through by putting alicantine blinds as a barrier.
  • You will reduce the use of products to get rid of these bugs.something that is good for your health.
  • The decoration of your rooms will be more attractiveThese curtains exude both elegance and tradition.

So, what's next? Are you ready to get one?

Characteristics of our alicantine blinds in Granada

Do you want to know why our catalog stands out within the sector of the alicantine blinds in Granada? It is because of the "duende" of our products, for its resistant materials and its wide variety. We prove it to you right now.


These curtains feature the "magic" of the Alicante handicrafts, as you can guess from their name. That is why they have such a special oriental charm. Traditionally, they were made with the vine branches, cutting them into pieces and joining the pieces with wires. Nowadays, they are made with slats. In our store, you will find a wide range of designs and styles.

Materials of the alicantine blinds in Granada

As a general rule, alicantine blinds are created with one of these two materials:

  • PVC shutters: The most economical. They stand out for their long service life and light weight.
  • Wooden shutters: the most aesthetic, although you should know where to place them. Remember that wood is a living material, which changes depending on the temperature. 

Tell us, which material do you like best for your blinds?

Variety of colors and finishes

As the demand for alicantine blinds in Granada is overwhelming, we want to provide you with a wide variety of models to satisfy you. With our catalog, you can choose your favorite color (or the one that best matches your home). In addition, we also have different finishes for your curtain within our offer: natural wood imitation, walnut, rustic blue and green...

Alhambra of Granada

Buy your made-to-measure blinds in Granada

At Mosquiteras24, we create cheap custom-made alicantinas blinds. Choose the height and width you need when you go to buy them, they will adapt to your windows without any inconvenience!

Areas of Granada where we work

Being from Granada, what are we going to tell you about the heat and mosquitoes in your area that you don't already know?

For that reason, you are looking for alicantina blinds, right?

Mosquiteras24H works all over Granada, Your curtains will reach you wherever you live! Our products are installed in Loja, Guadix, Baza, Motril or Almuñecar. Add your town to this list.

Do you need consultancy? Then just give us a call. We'll help you select the best option for you. And, if you already know which model you like, just let us know. You'll receive it in no time.

We also work in other areas of the country

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