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Leroy Merlin door screen vs mosquito netting24h

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 3 minutes

When the good weather arrives and the temperature rises, the first thing we do is to leave the windows (and/or doors) open to let fresh air in. However, this has the disadvantage of attracting insects such as mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects that have the habit of bothering or biting us.

One way to avoid the latter is to install mosquito nets to prevent them from entering the house and to be able to enjoy the fresh air at night, even having the light on. But, when choosing mosquito nets, we have a range of possibilities on the market. 

In this post we will analyze certain aspects of two brands known for selling mosquito nets for door. We talk about Leroy Merlin vs Mosquiteras24h.

kitten in mosquito net

Leroy Merlin door mosquito net vs Mosquito net for door Mosquitera24h

Both brands are known for offering quality products and good customer reviews. At first glance, the screens may look similar, but not all brands or establishments offer the same advantages or features. Below, we will point out the common features between both Leroy Merlin and Mosquiteras24h mosquito nets for doors, as well as the features that differentiate them.

Common features

The first point that both brands have in common is that they have a wide variety and types of mosquito nets that can be adapted to any type of door. We can find from hinged mosquito nets to side roller shutters, as well as pleated. Although it is true that Leroy Merlin also includes the mosquito net curtainbut it cannot be custom-made.

Secondly, the two companies have the option of home deliveryalthough this point supposes an increase in price (which varies in both companies and that we will see later). And in both cases, shipping usually takes no more than 48 to 72 hours. On the one hand, Mosquiteras 24h takes up to a day in the manufacture to measure and Leroy Merlin has in 24 hours the mosquito net in physical store.

Ultimately, both businesses have virtual stores which allow, through an intuitive design, the customer to navigate through the different mosquito nets they offer. Likewise, they offer information about how to take measurements and how to install effectively a mosquito net (although in this case Mosquiteras24h have a much more extensive and detailed explanation).

Differential features of mosquito nets Leroy Merlin vs Mosquiteras24h

Differences in customization

Both stores allow you to customize your mosquito nets, but the Leroy Merlin's options are much fewer than Mosquiteras24 horas mosquito nets for doors.

In the first case, in Leroy Merlin you can not choose frame and the option to make as you choose between measures 95 to 150 cm wide and 200 to 250 cm high. On the contrary, in Mosquiteras24h, we can choose between measures from 50 to 190 cm wide and 50 to 240 cm high, so the latter comes out winning in terms of customization.

In addition, in Mosquiteras 24h we can choose between a wide variety of frame designs and systems such as anti-pollen, anti-wind or speed reduction when using the mosquito net. 

Difference in prices and services

While it is true that in Mosquiteras24h the price can be high, the price is also worth it. That is to say, the mosquito nets are 100% custom-made, customizable and high quality and that justifies what it is worth. Still, in the case of the roll-up mosquito net side, we can get one from 95 € in Mosquiteras24h while in Leroy Merlin the price is 219 € and with little customization. 

Also, we can return a door screen at Leroy Merlin with 100 days after purchasewhile Mosquiteras24h offers us up to 2 years of warranty as long as the error or damage is not in the measurements of the mosquito net.

Differences in installation methods

Finally, we are going to value the way of installation. While in Mosquiteras24 horas the mosquito screen for door already comes ready to assemble and with the necessary elements for its installation, with Leroy Merlin we have to assemble the mosquito net ourselves.

What is the best option

Before assessing which of the two brands is better, it should be pointed out that both offer good mosquito nets, with a wide variety and have high quality and functionality.

But if we have to choose one, the best one would be Mosquiteras24hThe company offers great versatility and customization thanks to its made-to-measure mosquito nets for doors. And that without forgetting the facilities in terms of shipping, information and installation.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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