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Sliding door insect screen: What are its advantages?

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
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The good weather is coming and who doesn't want to keep their house ventilated? The bad news is that, with the heat, mosquitoes also arrive. Fortunately, there are many types of mosquito nets to stop them. One of the most popular is the sliding door screen. If you want to know its advantages, read on!

mosquito on netting

What is a sliding door screen?

It is a mosquito net that is placed in the track of a sliding door. It must have a lower and upper rail. Its installation is quick and easy; basically, it consists of placing it on the frame. Therefore, it requires neither screws nor drills.

And what about its operation? Well, it is also simple, since it is made to move along the rail of the sliding doors.

Properties of a sliding door screen

Our sliding insect screens for doors are characterized by the following features:

  • Made custom-made.
  • Shipped assembled in 24/48 hours.
  • No installation required.
  • They allow a good air circulation
  • Manufactured in aluminum of high quality.
  • Your mosquito netting is composed of fiberglass (37%) and PVC (63%), resulting in a highly resistant fabric.

You may be wondering what is a fiberglass insect screen exactly. In a sentence, an insurmountable barrier to mosquitoes. This is because we are talking about a dense mesh, so it can stop most insects, without using chemicals. This type of fabric can withstand both high and low temperatures, so there is no need to remove it in winter.

Advantages of sliding insect screens for doors

That said, it is worth noting three of the various benefits offered by insect screens for doors of this kind. At least, at Mosquiteras24H:

Perfect solution for large openings

Our sliding mosquito nets are available in one or two panels, being very advisable for large sliding windows or for large windows with exits to recurrent use yards. They are installed on sliding rails, which guarantee a comfortable use and an efficient drive.

Mesh varieties to choose from

In addition to the standard mesh we have discussed, in our store, you can choose mosquito nets with anti-pollen and metallic properties for pets:

  • Standard fiberglass mesh: meets the requirements of the REACH regulation. Therefore, it ensures a rigorous control of chemical substances. Its color is gray; its thickness, 0.28 mm; its opening factor, 18 x 16 mm.
  • Anti-pollen fabric: 100% effective against environmental pollutants. It is ideal to avoid insects and allergens. It is certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research and Foundation (ECARF). It is made of polyester and its color is black. The opening factor is 35% and its thickness is 0.29 mm.
  • Pet wire mesh: more resistant than the previous ones, to prevent breakage or scratches from dogs, cats or other animals.

In other words, this type of mosquito netting provides a variety of possibilities in terms of its mesh.

Wide range of colors to choose from

It should also be mentioned that the sliding mosquito nets are available at many colors: white, silver, bronze, stainless steel, gold, ivory, gray, blue, red, green, black, brown, etc.

How to measure a sliding mosquito net?

Measuring a sliding door screen is quite simple, although it must be done properly for the product you purchase to be useful.

For the highIf you have to calculate from the edge of the upper profile to the edge of the lower profile, you have to calculate from the edge of the upper profile to the edge of the lower profile. On the other hand, for the widthYou have to measure the door leaves, and that's it!

Between the door leaf and the profile through which the sliding insect screen moves, a minimum space is required. This is 3 mm, which is equivalent to the edge of a euro coin.

How to install a sliding door screen?

So that you know how to proceed with the installation of your sliding door screen, we leave you the following tutorial (where we also explain how to measure it, in case you still have any doubts):

However, as you can see, it is a simple task to perform. Simply snap the mosquito net into the edge of the upper profile. Then drop the wheels into the lower profile - anyone can do it, as our items come already assembled!

We advise you on the purchase of your sliding mosquito nets for doors!

Now you know what a sliding door screenwhat are its advantages, how to measure it, etc. We hope this text has been helpful. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice if you need it. We will be glad to give you a hand. And don't forget that we have more posts related to this kind of anti-mosquito system. For example, we show you how to mount a sliding insect screen in more detail.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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