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Insect screens for caravans: characteristics and installation

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
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With the arrival of summer, many people choose to enjoy the warmest days of the year to travel by caravan; in this way, they can discovering different places and sleeping in unexpected locations. The problem with this is that, on many occasions, insects can appear when you least expect them and prevent you from sleeping; that is why we are going to show you the main advantages of mosquito nets for caravans.


Going camping with your family or friends? Forget about insects and enjoy nature and fresh air without having to worry about anything else. The mosquito nets for caravans are the best alternative for cover the windows of these vehicles and protect the room from insects and other external agents, such as pollen or dust.

Caravan window with insect screen

The mosquito netting fabrics that we put at your disposal in Mosquiteras24H are designed to adapt to any surface and taking care of your health and the health of your loved onesThe fabrics prevent environmental contamination and are also very flexible and adaptable to the environment. On our website you can find the perfect fabric to make your own mosquito net; all you have to do is select the alternative you want and we will take care of making the mesh.

To do so, you can choose the size of fabric you wantso you don't have to worry about whether the alternative you have chosen is big enough or not. In addition, in our online store you can choose the complements The highest quality to make the manufacture of the mosquito net for your caravan professional and durable, so you can enjoy the outdoors for many years to come.

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(We do not sell mosquito nets for caravans, you will have to make your own).

These mosquito nets must have a size similar to that of the door or window In any case, it is best to opt for the pleated mosquito nets of 1 or 2 sheets, as they have a design oriented to small spaces.


When choosing the best mosquito net for your caravan, it is very important that you analyze the materials from which it is made and with which you are going to install this product.

The most important thing is that, regardless of the option you chooseThe quality of the mosquito nets is high, so you know that you are protecting your health and that the nets will be in perfect condition for a long time, in spite of the inclemency of the weather.

Caravan with mosquito nets on doors and windows


It is recommended that you choose a mosquito net made of PVC and fiberglass; in our specialty store you can find the fabric you need for their manufacture. These materials are the most resistant to the passage of time; therefore, regardless of whether you like to travel in a caravan or you usually use it only in summer, the meshes made with these components are ideal for withstand all weather conditions.

It is also important to emphasize that the ideal is that have a black or gray colorThey help protect the caravan from the heat and allow you to explain any natural landscape from the inside.

For installation

To install a mosquito screen in a caravan it is necessary to have a series of materials that allow this work to be done quickly, easily and professionally.

  • Mosquito netting.
  • Squares
  • Doormats.
  • Rubber weatherstripping.
  • Window frame.
  • Materials for installation: hinges or screws, among others.

The materials vary depending on the type of mosquito net you choose, depending on the opening system that the window has.

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(We do not sell mosquito nets for caravans, you will have to make your own).

Steps to follow for installation

Depending on the type of opening your vehicle window has, the installation will be in one way or another; therefore, here are the steps you must follow to install the windows. most common mosquito nets for caravans:


For the installation of sliding mosquito netsyou have to measure the width of one of the two sheets and the vertical distance between the two frame profiles. Once you have these measurements, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Insert the mats in the internal part of the profiles.cut to size beforehand.
  2. Install top and bottom brackets in the profiles.
  3. Tuck the mats into the outside of the profiles.The corner piece: it has to reach the end of the corner plate forming a right angle.
  4. Measure the inner hole of the insect screen.The most advisable thing to do is to make a mark in the center so that you can place the crossbar.
  5. Install the insect screenThe best way to do this is to have about 50 mm left over.
  6. Put the weatherstrip to fix the fabricCut the excess fabric with a knife.
  7. Place the insect screen in the window or door frame..


The hinges are usually screwed to the underside of the door or window frame. The installation of a insect screen for casement window is very similar to the previous one, except that, in this case, it does not have any type of opening, since it does not have a channel to slide through.

Camping with a caravan with mosquito nets


To install fixed mosquito nets you only have to measure the door or window opening through which the light will enter and Screw on the fastening clips. They are highly recommended for small windows through which you want to let outside air in but cannot get out; for example, they are ideal for the window that is usually on the roof of all caravans.

In the case of such a sunroof, the installation of the insect screen should be done according to the following instructions. next steps:

  1. Making a cutting patternThe best way to do this is to attach a large sheet of paper to the sunroof frame with magnets, then mark the outline and position of the screws.
  2. Fix the panel with adhesive stripsCut out the frame with a cutter and make 10 mm diameter holes for the magnets.
  3. Tape the frame with adhesive tape to close the holes.Insert the magnets and put the tape on the other side of the frame.
  4. Attach the adhesive tape to the marking and fix the mosquito net.When it is already attached, you just have to cut it to the size you need.
  5. Attach the mosquito net to the sunroof.

Although there are many more types of mosquito nets for caravansThese three are the most common and the most recommended.

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(We do not sell mosquito nets for caravans, you will have to make your own).


Enjoying nature and living new experiences are some of the reasons that lead many people to buy a caravan; the problem is that, on many occasions, insects can make this experience unpleasant. For this reason, here we show you the main benefits of installing a mosquito net in your caravan:

  • Goodbye to insectsYou will no longer have to worry about those unwanted bugs, especially when you are out in nature. Mosquitoes or flies, among others, will no longer be a problem with mosquito nets.
  • SecurityIf you travel with children, you will know that they can get into any place, even the most unthinkable; that is why mosquito nets are the best alternative so that they do not get out where they should not.
  • PrivacyForget about them being able to see what you are doing inside your caravan while you are camping; mosquito nets offer greater privacy and make it more difficult to see what is going on inside.
  • DecorationIn our online store we offer you different sizes and colors of mosquito nets, so you can choose the alternative that interests you most. We take care of making the fabric, but we do not manufacture or install the mosquito net.
  • Energy savingsThe natural ventilation can be total and you won't have to turn on the air conditioning, which saves fuel. It also blocks the entry of direct sunlight, which helps prevent damage to the furniture inside your vehicle.

Now that you know all the features and main advantages to install mosquito nets on the windows of your caravan, if you want to travel the world with your home in tow, what are you waiting for to get the perfect fabric to protect the interior of your mobile home?

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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