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Mosquito nets for beds: what they are and how to install them

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
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How many times have you turned off the light to sleep and a mosquito kept bothering you? These insects often lurk in the dark and, in the morning, we often discover that we have fallen victim to them. For this reason, mosquito nets for beds have become an essential product to rest easy and avoid those unwanted nocturnal attacks.

What are mosquito nets and what are they for?

First of all, the first thing you should know is what mosquito nets are. It is a very fine net, made with different materials, whose objective is to to prevent the passage of mosquitoes and other insects that are often a nuisance during the day. Like the crib mosquito nets, these products are intended to act as protective barrier diseases transmitted by these animals, such as Zika or malaria, among others.

Mosquito net for single bed

Main characteristics

The main features The following are some of the things you should take into account when buying a mosquito net for your bed:

  • SizeIt is very important that it is big enough to be placed under the mattress, so that mosquitoes will not be able to enter from any side. Therefore, if you opt for the mosquito netting that we put at your disposal in Mosquiteras24H you will not have to worry about anything; on our website you will find the perfect mesh to make the mosquito net for the bed of the highest quality.
  • Levels of protectionDepending on the mosquito net you choose, it will have a certain level of protection. For example, if your product sticks to the body, mosquitoes can bite you through them, while if you do not touch them while you sleep, they are much safer.
  • For travelIf you are looking for nets that you can take with you on your travels, it is best to opt for small models that you can fit in your suitcase; in this case, the best are the roll-up and compact mosquito nets. In this way, you can sleep safely anywhere, even in areas with a higher proliferation of mosquitoes.
  • Other security measuresIn addition to installing a mosquito net on the bed, it is important that you take other measures to make it impossible to be bitten. It is recommended that you wear long-sleeved shirts and tights or pants.

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(We do not sell mosquito nets for beds, you will have to make your own).

Types of bed nets

At present, there are many types of mosquito nets for the bedThe following are the most common ones:

  • In the form of a boxThe box-shaped blinds: are fastened at the four corners of the bed and are characterized by their box shape. They are highly recommended for those homes with a warm climate during most of the year; in addition, they allow the passage of air and offer greater freshness during the night.
  • WedgeThe mosquito nets for children's beds are characterized by being the perfect mosquito nets for children's beds, as they have a smaller size and are installed in the headboard, in a tube that keeps the corners and gives total protection to the bed.
  • Bell-shapedThe ceiling mounted mosquito nets are ideal for large beds. They have a hood design that is perfect for covering two people, making them the perfect bed net for double beds.
  • RingThe net has a ring at the top that allows the net to cover a larger space, which is why these nets are used for double beds.
  • IndependentThe beds are highly recommended for use during travel or for those beds that are installed in outdoor spaces, such as terraces.

Installation of a bed net

Do you have a mosquito net fabric and don't know how to put it in your room? Here we show you all the steps to follow to make your own mosquito net for the bed:


Before we start, the first thing you need to know is the materials you need to have at your disposal to install your mosquito netting fabric on a bed:

  • Mosquito netting.
  • Drill.
  • Hook.
  • Wire or wood.
  • Silicone.
  • Tapes.

Mosquito net for double bed

Steps to follow

Once you have all the materials at your disposal, these are the steps you must follow to install your mosquito net for the bed:

  1. Take measurementsYou should measure the size of the bed and its distance from the ceiling. In any case, it is recommended that the fabric is a few centimeters larger, for example, ideally double the size of the fabric, to enjoy a second layer of security.
  2. Get your mosquito netting fabricIt must be of high quality, to guarantee your safety and durability; therefore, it is recommended that you purchase your netting from a specialty storelike ours.
  3. Drills a hole in the ceilingInsert a dowel and a U-shaped hook to hang the mosquito net from it.
  4. Create a circular or square structureThe mosquito net can be held open in this way. This can be done with wooden strips or a wire.
  5. Attach the structure to the hookUse a rope to attach the frame to the ceiling hook.
  6. Hang the mosquito netTie it with a string to the hook, so as not to leave holes through which mosquitoes can enter.
  7. Make it only have one openingThis should be overlapped and not open. To do this, you can make knots, making a small hole and passing a piece of tape through it, or gluing it with hot silicone.

Why buy a mosquito netting for the bed?

The heat and the buzzing of mosquitoes can make summer nights unbearable and you can not rest as you need. Therefore, it is best to make a mosquito net on your bed, whether it is a single or a double bed.

In this way, you can isolate your bed from the outside space and the interior is completely free of insects. In addition, if you bet on mosquito nets for children's beds, you will get an original decorative element that will make the children's bed completely free of insects. let your imagination run wild. In the same way, older people also love them because they provide a romantic and relaxing atmosphereFor this reason, mosquito nets for double beds are becoming more and more common.

Go to buy the mosquito netting fabric

(We do not sell mosquito nets for beds, you will have to make your own).

In addition, in our online store you can find the perfect fabric to make the mosquito net, from different models and sizesideal for all types of beds and always guaranteeing the highest quality.

Tips to keep in mind

The most important thing when choosing a mosquito net is that it should be the most suitable for your needs. sufficiently largeThe fabric should be loose enough on the floor and offer enough space inside. You should also analyze the mesh of the fabric, the width, length and weight of it, so that you do not choose a small one that may stick too much to your body.

On the other hand, it is recommended that materials from which it was made The mosquito net for your bed is made of quality polyester or PVC, like the ones you can find on our website; this way, you will know that you will be protected from mosquitoes in a safer way.

In addition, it is best that you purchase your mosquito nets from a store that offers you a fast and quality serviceMosquiteras24H will manufacture your orders in 24H and ship them within 48 hours to the entire Iberian Peninsula.

In short, if you want to enjoy the best mosquito net for your bed it is best that you bet on the fabrics that we put at your disposal in our specialized store, what are you waiting for to get the mesh you need?

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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