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Mosquito or mosquito: is there a difference?

Last updated:
9 February, 2024
Reading time: 3 minutes

Mosquitoes, or mosquitoes, are commonly known for their annoying and irritating stings. 

In this article, we will tell you what characterizes this type of insect, what it looks like and we will give you some keys and concepts to mitigate its presence in homes. Get ready to meet it! Here we go!

What is it or what are they?

The mosquito or mosquito is the same insectHowever, it is known in different ways depending on the region or country you are in. In Latin America, the mosquito is commonly known as zancudo.

This mosquito is a flying insect characteristic for its small size and its both humans and animals. It is born in stagnant waters because its larvae are aquatic but need to breathe oxygen.

mosquito or mosquito


Below, we describe the characteristics of this type of insect so that you can recognize it perfectly.

Appearance and size

Your head is characterized by having many organs that allow them to perform the functions of feeding, smell and sight. In it, the following are found two large eyes and two elongated antennae with which they detect air and people's breathing.

The head is attached to the thoraxThe six legs and two wings for flight are located on the part of the body where they are located.

Life expectancy

Adult mosquitoes have a average life expectancy between two and four weeks. This hope may be reduced depending on the habitat in which they are found, temperature and humidity.


The reproduction of these species is carried out in stagnant waters because the larvae are aquatic but have a handicap, they need oxygen to breathe.

The most common locations where its reproduction takes place is in puddles, ponds or lakes. Some of them are born in water containers in homes, fountains or even cans and flower pots.


The bites of these mosquitoes are quite severe. annoying, reddish and cause swelling in most cases. This insect needs to feed on blood in order to reproduce and have offspring.. Female mosquitoes do this work for their eggs.

When do they usually bite?

These mosquitoes usually daytime and nighttime snackingThey do not care about the moment, they are only looking for human or animal blood.

Symptoms and reactions to stings

The main symptoms are usually reddish marks, swelling in the affected area, itchiness... And among the most serious irritations on the skin of allergic persons.

Mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquitoes biting you, can transmit diseases. This is caused by having previously bitten an infected person or animal.

The diseases they usually transmit are such as West Nile encephalitis virus, malaria, malaria, dengue or chikungunya fever.

Tips to prevent mosquitoes and mosquito bites

Here are some tips to prevent mosquitoes and mosquito bites.

Containers with water

Firstly, to avoid the reproduction of these mosquitoes, frequently empty water from containers or pots in your garden or home.

Mosquito nets and protective nets

Install mosquito nets on the windows of your house, especially those closest to the gardens to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

For outdoor locations such as patios, you can install protective nets.

We recommend using custom-made mosquito netstoyou can find models of: fixed mosquito nets, folding or pleatedas an effective measure for the prevention of bee flies in your homes.

Regardless of which model is chosen, it is essential to ensure the correct installation of these mechanisms and optimal and prosperous maintenance in the future.

On-time hours

Avoid going out on the street at the right time. when this type of insects come out, they usually come out to the sunrise and to the sunset.

Use of anti-mosquito products

Use specific products and treatments that contribute to the reduction of these mosquitoes in your home. Contact a professional or over-the-counter products for safe and effective control.


Mosquitoes are quite annoying insects. We all know, in fact, at one time or another, we have all joked that they sting us because we have the sweetest blood. Any blood is really good enough to feed their eggs.

It is recommended to use mosquito nets, mosquito repellents and follow the recommendations for household cleaning to try to mitigate their impact so that you can enjoy a safe and quiet home from mosquito bites.

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