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At what temperature do mosquitoes die?

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
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moquito dead on ice

Surely you have noticed that during the coldest months of the year it is not usual to find mosquitoes in our country, or at least it should be so. What we do know is that, regardless of the area of the Peninsula where we are in spring and summer, we will find them. And then the question arises as to which temperature mosquitoes die.

All living beings have a life cycle that, on many occasions, is marked by the climate. That is to say, species develop according to the climate. climatic conditionsThe most common species are trees (flowers in spring and leaf fall in autumn, in many species) or animals such as swallows, which migrate in spring from Africa.

The science that studies the relationship between climate and the life cycle of living organisms is called phenology and scientists use it to study and assess the effects of climate change on plant and animal species. Including mosquitoes.

What temperature is suitable for mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are more active when the temperature is at its highest. exceeds 26ºC. They are also more comfortable in front of a humid climate. It is in these conditions, perfect for them, that mosquitoes bite, feed and breed. It is also possible that mosquitoes are disease transmitters from warm and humid climates, i.e. diseases such as Zika or malaria are best transmitted at temperatures of 25ºC.

What happens to mosquitoes if the temperature is too warm?

Mosquitoes thrive in warmer climates, but it's also true that too much heat and dryness is not good for them. Direct sunlight can dehydrate these insects, so they prefer to be active at dawn or dusk.

If the temperature rises too high, mosquitoes become less active. This explains why, if the female mosquitoes, which need standing water If they are not able to lay eggs, suffer from heat and have no water source nearby, they will not be able to reproduce.

What if the temperature is too cold?

Some mosquito species are well adapted to cold, although this is not common. Specimens that live in warmer climates cannot survive long in the cold. It is common for a mosquito to show lethargic or drowsy at 15ºC and if they die if the temperature drops below 10ºC.

mosquito on ice Moscow

Do mosquitoes hibernate?

Diapause is a mode of hibernation in which insects reduce their metabolism in order to survive up to 6 monthseven without a water source, either hidden in a log or buried in the ground.

In the colder months, the mosquito's activity decreases, although it is true that conditions will vary according to the species. Some spend the inactive period in adult form (only females) and take refuge in dark, enclosed places, clinging to the ceiling.

However, other species may hibernate as larvae in the water. In this sense, the water is so cold that the larvae do not breathe and remain immobile on the bottom, even under ice boxes.

The tiger mosquito

A special case is the tiger mosquito, which hibernates in the egg stage. In winter, larvae and adults do not survive the cold, although in warm regions such as Malaga or Murcia this may vary, since the climate is warmer. For this reason, these areas tend to maintain the use of fixed mosquito nets throughout the year.

At september and october the female lays eggs with the mentality of not hatch until the following spring (unless there is an upward temperature variation to date, a change of water cycle or a change of light not typical in winter)

Do mosquitoes dehydrate?

There are mosquitoes that can, at will, dehydrate to avoid frostbite. In this way, they wait for temperatures to rise again. There is also the alternative in other species to increase their glycerol levels in their bodies (which works as an antifreeze) to prevent freezing.

The cold-resistant Japanese mosquito

There is an exceptional case of a cold-resistant mosquito such as the Aedes japonicus, better known as the Japanese mosquito.

However, as spring approaches and temperatures become warmer, females come out of hibernation and search for blood in order to lay eggs again.

mosquito on ice

Mosquito life cycles vary among locations and species.

The periods of activity of the different mosquito species are not the same all over the world, since there are different climates, by region of the world. The common mosquito (Culex pipiens) in Moscow remains inactive until the end of April while the tiger mosquito in the same area acts between August and October. In other parts of Europe, similar to Spain, the common mosquito ends its hibernation in March and hibernates again at the end of October.

The case of Spain

A study carried out in Warsaw (Poland) on mosquitoes in Europe found that in Spain, the number of mosquitoes in Europe was common mosquito species used to be active for 7 to 8 months. Where the highest peaks of activity occur between late spring and mid-summer.

Spain has areas with a dry climate and regular rainfall and this can affect the water points where mosquitoes proliferate. A curious fact is that, in urban areas, the behavior of the common mosquito and the tiger is related to competition, i.e., there are more common mosquitoes at the beginning of the season and more tigers in summer.

These insects are found in almost every country in the world and it is difficult to determine to which country they belong. temperature mosquitoes die since it will vary depending on climate and other factors. But, in most cases, these species are active at temperatures above 26ºC. Now that you know these facts you can act against mosquitoes by using mosquito protection such as the mosquito nets.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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