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Types of screens

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
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When you go to buy a mosquito net, you expect it to be as strong as possible. To make the right choice, it is always a good idea to do some research on what you need to know. mosquito netting for windows and doors is more effective, according to your needs. In this post, we will talk about the types of wire meshas well as other durable products.

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mosquito net with water drops

Why is durability important when choosing insect screens?

Mosquito nets are your first line of defense to protect your home from insects. One of the crucial aspects when choosing these screens is their durability. Especially if you live with children or pets or if the weather conditions in your area are somewhat extreme.

These circumstances point to a increased risk of wear and tear in your mosquito netting. And any tears mean small critters can get through the mesh and into your home. Well... small and not so small, because your pets and other outdoor animals could also pierce a flimsy screen.

For that reason, investing in a product that is resistant to nibbling and scratching is worthwhile. Specifically, for three reasons:

  • For more information protection of your home.
  • For save you money which would mean buying new tights every time the one you have rips.
  • For do not spend time to repairing a broken insect screen.

It should also not be forgotten that having children entails an even greater need for durable mosquito nets. Their playing and banging with them compromises their integrity, causing them to give way.

Why buy insect screens with wire mesh?

A screen with wire mesh can be installed in the following ways without fear of being damaged by carelessness. An example of this would be the peace of mind that comes with a windproof roll-up mosquito netThe new, reliable and reliable, it will not break in spite of strong currents.

It also allows air to flow freely through the house safely. That is, you can ventilate your rooms without worrying about mosquitoes, flies or wasps entering them.

On the other hand, metallic meshes present sun benefitsWhile plastic screens are more damaged by light (and can become frayed or break), those made of metal are more resistant in this regard. So you can ventilate without inconvenience that place of the house where the sun hits and without damaging your metal mosquito net.

And remember that this type of netting also prevents breakage that could be caused by your pets. Let's just say that they are the best mosquito nets for cats.

cutting mosquito netting

Durable materials, long-lasting construction

If you want to replace worn, broken or damaged screens, or if you simply want to buy more durable screens outright, it is important to find out about mesh materials and products:

Polyester mosquito netting - The economical option

Although in this post we are going to focus on the types of wire mesh, we cannot overlook the role of polyester when it comes to defending against mosquitoes and other insects. Screens with this material are thin and lightweight, yet strong and rigid. Even so, they can be easily manipulated (cut, sewn, riveted, drilled...). They can even be glued to surfaces using adhesive velcro for mosquito netsof course, suitable for polyester.

This kind of anti-pollen mosquito netting can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it stands out for its affordability.

You can find polyester nets in our anti-pollution and anti-pollution models (e.g., from roll-up mosquito nets).

Aluminum mosquito netting - Let the air pass through

Perhaps the best mosquito netting is the aluminum one.with which we manufacture pleated mosquito netting. They keep insects away without losing air circulation or visibility. In addition, they are easy to install.

Fiberglass mosquito netting - Sun protection

Are you wondering what a fiberglass insect screen? In view of the summer months, it is most useful to protect against insects and to protect against sunlight. All of this without affecting the passage of light and air. These meshes are easy to install and cut. They are also lightweight and very durable. You can find them in our models of sliding insect screen or of fixed insect screen for windows.

Stainless steel mosquito netting - Protects from mice

Stainless steel mosquito netting is not only effective against "bugs", it is also useful against rodents and other small animals.

Bronze mosquito netting - Durability

It stands out for its durability and longevity. It also offers high transparency and quality. It should be noted that, as time goes by, this fabric acquires an intense dark finish, making it even more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Types of wire mesh depending on the place where it will be installed

Depending on the place where you install your product, we can make another classification of types of wire mesh:

screened window

Mosquito netting for windows

Allow leave the window open to make the air flow in the home.

And without insects getting inside!

The installation of this kind of mosquito nets is very simple.

It's more!

In our blog, we have already explained how:

You can see that this is a fairly simple task.

Mosquito netting for doors

Entrance, balcony or patio door are other access routes for mosquitoes, spiders, flies, etc.

That is why there are also mosquito nets for these points. They consist of a fine net that is used to leave the door open so that the current can enter, but not the insects.

Mosquito nets for beds

There's nothing more annoying than the buzzing of a mosquito while you're trying to sleep. Well, yes, there is: its bite. For that reason, they sell mosquito nets for bedsto be able to really rest. Likewise, there are mosquito nets for cribsEven the smallest children are not spared from the threat posed by this insect.


Now you know the types of wire mesh and other equally resistant nets. By the way, as you are probably interested in these products because you have a pet at home, you should consider making a cat flap in your mosquito nettingA friend's advice!

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