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How to change the mosquito net

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
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Proper maintenance of your mosquito net is essential for the following reasons to avoid damage and spoilage. The mosquito net can be damaged for many reasons, especially by the passage of time and the emergence of small micro-cracks through which insects can enter. That is why, in this post we show you how to change the mosquito netting.


It is important for you to know that changing a roller screen will cost you a lot of money. higher cost than to purchase a new one in our online storeespecially if it is only a mosquito net that needs to be replaced. The first thing you should know is what materials are needed to change the mosquito netting; here we show you how to do it:

Replace the mosquito netting

How to change the insect screen step by step

Once you have these materials in your possession, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Dismantle the old insect screenIf it is a fixed option, you will have to remove the drawer and the covers that cover it; on the other hand, if it is a fixed option, you will have to remove it from its fixing system.
  2. Remove old fabricYou should check that there are no pieces of fabric inside the drawer or around the frame.
  3. Insert new fabricYou must make sure that the introduction is done in the correct way.
  4. Clean the fabricFinally, it is recommended that you clean the mesh to remove any possible marks that may have been left during installation.

Materials to change the mosquito netting

How to change the screen of a roll-up insect screen

Rolling mosquito nets are the ones that need to be repaired more frequently, since they are usually located on the outside and, as they are used regularly, wear and tear makes their useful life shorter. Here we show you how to change the mosquito net of this type.

  1. Cutting the meshmust be a roll-up mosquito nettingYou must cut it by the height of the window, adding half a meter. It is recommended that you follow the same row of holes of the mosquito net, to facilitate its placement. If you have an old screen, you can cut it taking into account the dimensions of the previous one.
  2. Dismantle old mosquito nettingYou must disassemble one of the two sides; one of them has a spring and the other one does not, you must remove the one with the spring. You will have to remove it and then remove the complete reel.
  3. Replace the screenYou must unroll it completely and analyze how it is attached, using the same system. In this case, you will have to remove it completely, checking that there are no remains, and stick the new one.
  4. Attaching duct tapeYou must have a reference line, so that the insect screen is not incorrectly positioned, and this must coincide with one of the lines of holes in the insect screen.
  5. Roll up the mosquito nettingWhen you have glued it, you must roll it evenly, without protrusions, and put it inside one of the two sides, the one that did not have the spring. Then put the edges and screw them together.
  6. Securing the safety shaftYou must put it before the other side, to prevent the mosquito net from being completely inserted; to do this, you have to remove one of the side plugs and remove the inner rubber. Then, you must fold it with a fold, with the same square, and put it into the rail from one end; you must do it very carefully, so that it does not break. Once inside, you must insert the rubber and put the plug back in.
  7. Cut the excessIf you have made a fold that is too large, you should cut off the excess with scissors or a cutter.
  8. Insert the springThe first step is to insert it in the upper part at one end and turn it in the direction in which you want the mosquito net to rotate; when it is completely retracted, you can tap it a few times to finish fitting and screwing it in place.
  9. CheckFinally, the best thing to do is to check that it works correctly; before installing it, it is recommended that one person holds the fixed part of it and another person pulls it, to check that everything works correctly.

Where to buy new mosquito netting?

In our online store. In Mosquiteras24H we put at your disposal the higher quality mosquito nettingThis way, it will last a long time in perfect condition and you will not have to change it every few months.

Similarly, it is important to note that you can choose the exact measurements We recommend that you choose a few extra centimeters for your mosquito netting, so you will know at all times that your fabric fits the space you have available. In short, changing the mosquito net is a very simple process; therefore, if you want to enjoy all the advantages of these products, what are you waiting for to buy your mosquito net?

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