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Fitting slats in a blind

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 2 minutes

Many of the slats of our blinds are damaged. With the intention of making your life easier, in Mosquiteras24H we explain to you how to fix and fit the slats of a roller shutter.

In many homes, blinds are our greatest allies when it comes to combating the entry of light when we want to rest or to prevent air from entering through the windows. When they fail, the impossibility of using them becomes a problem.

change shutter slat

Possible signs of a broken shutter slat

One of the most frequent breakdowns in the shutters, is when the shutter remains jammed to a certain height and does not descend any further. In this case, one of the most common reasons for this is the rupture of a slat.

Other reasons may be problems in the roller shutter belt or in the winding shaft pulley.

In case the problem comes from the tape, do not worry, from Mosquiteras 24H we explain you how step-by-step replacement of your shutter belt.

Pre-repair considerations

The first thing we have to consider before changing and fitting the slat of a blind, is which characteristics must have the new lama with which we are going to replace it.

Normally, the slats of the louvers are made of aluminum or PVC. We will have to look at the material with which our shutter is made, so that at the time of buying the new slat, it matches.

As for the sizeThe length of the slats can vary depending on the manufacturer, so it would also be necessary to measure the length of the slats of our shutter. If we want to be successful, it is important that everything fits.

Steps to follow to change and fit the slats

Changing the slats of a shutter is something simple, which can be achieved by following a few steps. We tell you about it.

The first step will be to unscrew the shutter box, in order to remove the shutter. Although not everyone does it this way, and there are those who work with the shutter in place, the truth is that this will avoid damaging other materials.

The next stepIf we have to unroll our shutter and remove the slats that are below the broken one. When we get to it, we have to take it out and replace it with the newly acquired one.

Fit the slat, This is a fairly simple procedure. All you have to do is to slide the top of the slat into the bottom of the new one. always following the shape of the shutter! It is very important that it is straight and well hooked, otherwise it will not work properly and we will have to repeat the whole process.

The last step will be to rewind the blind, insert it into its track (by turning the shaft) and close it.

Now that you have started to work, don't forget to check that everything is correct, so you can act in the heat of the moment! We leave you a video so you can see more visually what we have told you!

You can contact us for a quote for the price of your pleated insect screen for door in case you need something flexible to close, prevent insects from entering or leaving the enclosure.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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