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How to change the tape of a shutter

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 3 minutes

Does the tape of your shutter is not working properly, but you find it a pain to replace it? We are not born knowing, so don't worry. You don't need to be a handyman to do it, you just need a good explanation about how to change the belt of a shutter.

We will guide you to replace the cord of your shutter, step by step! You will see that, when you finish reading this article, you will be able to do this task without any problems.

Which blind tape should I buy?

Just consider these two aspects:

  • The measure that your new belt needs.
  • ColorAesthetics, whether you like it or not, is important, so it is best to make sure that the tape does not clash with the rest of the room.

Materials for changing the shutter belt

The materials for changing the cord of a blind could be summarized in these:

  • Its own tape of shutter.
  • ScrewdriversThe roller shutter drawer, which will help us to manipulate the dustpan and the roller shutter drawer.
  • A sewing scissorsThe strap can be cut to length in case it needs to be shortened.

Step by step to change the shutter belt

Before we begin this guide on how to change the tape on a window blind, lower it all the way down Ready? You can now start replacing the tape:

Open the drawer cover

Uncover the cover of the register drawer.located at the top of the window.

You will find the axle, a metal tube that you will see and that is held on its sides by two wheels. In the center, you will see some metal suspenders. These attach it to the shutter and allow it to twist.

Loosen the axle tie rods

You have to pull down the shutter cord.. This will unwind and loosen it from the upper disc that goes on the shaft. Remove it.

Unscrew the dustpan

Remove the belt catcher with a screwdriver.

You can find this one at the bottom.

Remove old rope

Now, get rid of the defective tape. To do this, pull the screw that holds it to the pickup disk.

Moving on to the new string

Take the tape you have purchased. Drill two holesone at each end, to attach it to the picker disc.

Rotates the dustpan disc

After this, rotate the disc. The number of times required will vary depending on the size of your blind, but should be no more than 5-7 turns.

Pass the rope through the hole in the dustpan.

Pass the tape through here and hook it to the bolt with the strap hole. Roll up the tape quietly (otherwise, you could hurt yourself if it comes loose).

Put the dustpan in place

Screw the dustpan back on where it was.. Take the strap and pass it, in an appropriate manner, through the loop at the top.

Hooks the rope to the side disk on which the shaft is supported.

After hooking it, remove it from the picker. Then, tie a knot near itThe shaft should be positioned so that the ribbon is loose. Put the shaft in place and rotate it.

Reattach the shutter suspenders to the shaft.

Undo the knot and pull the ribbon. to see if the blind is working properly. Put the drawer cover back in place and you have replaced your ribbon.

How to calculate the measurement of the blind cord

When it is time to change the cord of a roller shutter, there is often doubt as to how far the new cord must be from the new one in order for the mechanism to operate smoothly.

To find out how many meters of strap you are going to get, you have three different methods:

  1. Take the measurements of the old tape and make sure the new one is just as long. Logical and simple, right? No hassle.
  2. Measure the space from where the strap comes out, at the top of the drawer, to the place of the picker where the belt is inserted. Now all you have to do is multiply this length by 4.
  3. You can calculate the size of the blind tape by considering the length of the window itself. The rope should be about three times the height of the window..

Practical tips when changing the belt

Before changing your roller shutter belt, here are some tips based on our own experience that never hurt:

  • Get rid of the strapping of the shutter to the shaftThis will help you to manipulate the disk without difficulties.
  • Always be sure of the size of your rope. We imagine that you would like it to fit both the picker and the disc.
  • Before you buy, check if you have any other belts in bad condition at home. While we're at it, better to spend a little time on this first than to place a second order.
  • If you are replacing the tape, why don't you stop to examine the rest of the equipment?
  1. Verify that the shaft is in good condition
  2. Check if the bearing in which the shaft rotates is in good condition.

How much does it cost to change the blind tape?

Since the economic issue always worries us, we clarify that the normal thing is that by about 5€ approximately you can get a roll of shutter cord.

Already know how to change the tape of a shutter. We can also teach you how to fitting the slats of a shutter.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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