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How to install a roll-up mosquito screen: steps to follow

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 4 minutes

Have you heard about all the advantages of the roll-up mosquito netsDon't know how to place them on your doors and windows to enjoy them all year round? In this post we show you how to install a mosquito screen roll-up step by step.

Aspects to take into account

Do you have to repairing a roll-up mosquito netDo you have one but its useful life is over and you want to buy a new one? Here are some of them factors to consider to install a roll-up mosquito screen effectively:


It is essential that you know where you are going to install the screen; we recommend that you avoid doors, as they are high traffic areas and can be annoying. When analyzing your locationIf the head thickness is too thick, it is important that you take into account the thickness of the head.

Install roll-up mosquito screen

  • Insect screen between window and shutterYou must measure the thickness of the opening and its height; this space must exceed 46 millimeters, since it is the minimum to be able to place 4 heads. In any case, you should know that you can install them in gaps of 33 cm or more.
  • Insect screen behind the shutterdepends on whether or not there is space behind the window.


You must take into account the height of the window, since the number of heads you need will depend on it. The maximum head width will be 1,800 millimeters.

  • Head of 33 millimetersheight of 1,400 millimeters.
  • Head of 35 millimetersheight of 1,800 millimeters.
  • Head of 45 millimetersheight of 2,400 millimeters.
  • Head of 46 millimetersheight of 2,600 millimeters.

Clamping of the head

It is recommended that screw the headers to the wallIf you can't do this, you can always use ceiling clips and snap the head into place.

Advantages with fixed bottom

If the lower area of the window is fixed, you must use the side guides; these must be installed upside down, in other words, between the separation of the benefit and the fixed part. In this way, you can close, hermetically, the window with mosquito netting without having to lower it completely when you want to close it.

How to install a roll-up insect screen

The roll-up mosquito nets are a highly recommended alternative because they allow you to protect your home and prevent the entry of insects in a comfortable and fast way; here are the steps to follow to install a roll-up mosquito net.

1. Take measurements

The first thing you should do, before purchasing your roller mosquito net, is to measuring space where you want to place it; this way, you will know that it fits perfectly and that it covers the entire space. When it arrives at your home, it is advisable that you return to measure length and widthThe ideal is to perform this task with a tape measure, to avoid errors in the calculation.

2. Clean the area

This protection system goes on the outside of your window; for this reason, it is essential that clean the area and remove potsThe surface should be clean and free from dirt, ornaments and any other element that may hinder the work. Once clean, you must unscrew the head cover of the roller mosquito net, as well as the accessories; in this way, you will only have the profile with the roll and the shaft. Once finished, you must cut the difference dimensions of the mesh and the space, if any.

Installation of a roll-up insect screen

Just as you must clean the area before installing the mosquito net, it is essential that you clean the fabric to ensure optimal performance and good condition of this product; to do so, you must use waterYou can do it with a bucket, a hose or a wet sponge.

Then you have to brush the clothes with a clothes brush or a broom for all the cells; you can also use a smaller one for the edges and joints. The objective is that you can clean and scrub the entire screen without damaging the mesh; to finish, you should rinse the entire surface, until all soap residue is removed.

3. Fix the mosquito net

It is recommended that you use a drill to perform the following operations three openings in the guidesThe holes are made in the top, in the middle and at the bottom. Once done, you must place the head on the wall and mark, with a pencil, the holes to know exactly where you are going to drill.

Once done, you can drill into the surface and, when you have it, you can screw on the head covers. Ideally, you should put a hidden brake of the guides and then adjust it; to finish, screw the guides to the wall and you will have your roller mosquito screen installed.


Here are some of them tips to install a roll-up mosquito screen on your doors and windows:

  • Ask for helpIf you do not know which option best suits your wishes, the ideal is that you put yourself in the hands of professionals; in our online store you will find the best experts, who will help you make the best decision for your home.
  • Specialty StoreThese products must be of quality and, therefore, you should bet on the best professionals; in Mosquiteras24H we are specialized in the sale, manufacture and distribution of all types of mosquito nets, so that we can guarantee the best results.
  • RodThe use of the mosquito netting will allow you to perfectly adjust the lower part of the mosquito net, preventing it from going up and not being felt; in this way, there will be no space through which insects can enter.
  • AdhesiveThe problem is that they are only recommended for those that are temporary, because they end up falling off.
  • UnevennessIt is recommended that you sand the entire surface to avoid imperfections and to make sure you have a straight space.

In short, the installation of a roller mosquito net is an easy and simple process; therefore, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of a roller mosquito net, you can install it in your home. advantages of this protection systemWith an operation similar to that of a shutter, do not hesitate and get yours now.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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