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Mosquito nets Bricomart vs Mosquiteras24h

Last updated:
8 August, 2023
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When the good weather arrives and temperatures rise, it is common to leave the windows open to feel the fresh air, even with the light on, and that attracts insects. Mosquito nets are a perfect solution to prevent mosquitoes, flies and other insects from entering the home and thus achieve greater well-being.

They manage to isolate these annoying intruders and give us the possibility of resting peacefully and prevent them from biting people inside the home, especially children and pets.

However, when it comes to choosing a mosquito net we can find many options on the market. On this occasion, we are going to analyze aspects of two brands that sell mosquito nets in the market: Bricomart vs Mosquiteras24h mosquito nets.

bricomart mosquito nets vs. 24h mosquito nets

Mosquito nets bricomark vs Mosquiteras24h

Both brands are recognized for offering quality products and enjoy customer confidence. Screens may all look the same, but not all stores and brands offer the same features. Below, we will discuss what common features mosquito nets have in common. mosquito nets by Bricomark and Mosquiteras24hand the differentiating features that make them a better or worse option for customers.

Common features

The first thing that both brands have in common is that they offer a wide variety and types of mosquito nets that adapt to the needs of customers. We can find mosquito nets such as fixed, roll-up and sliding, among others.

Secondly, the two companies have the option of to make the shipment to your homealthough this point implies a price increase (which varies between the two companies and will be discussed later).

Lastly, both brands present virtual stores that allow us to navigate to choose among its offer of mosquito nets, the perfect one for us. Likewise, their mosquito nets stand out for being made of easy installationThis is important if we are going to place the product ourselves.

Differential features

Both Bricomart and Mosquiteras24h have differences that we have to know to choose the mosquito net model that is more profitable and economical.

Differences in customization

When it comes to customization, Mosquiteras 24 horas Mosquiteras 24 horas presents a greater possibility to customize the mosquito netIt is possible to order a fully customized mosquito screen. That is to say, it allows us to choose from a wide variety of frame colors, measures, and includes special models for pets, anti-pollen and anti-wind.

On the contrary, Bricomart has made-to-measure models, but it is not very varied. It only allows to cut a few centimeters the mosquito net drawer, in case it is roll-up, and a few centimeters at the bottom or sides depending on the type of mosquito net. 

It should also be noted that Mosquiteras24h presents an extensive guide so that the customer knows how to measuring windows and how to install insect screens correctly, something that is missing at Bricomart.

Differences in shipping times and modes

Bricomart, in this regard, presents the possibility of a shipment in 24 hours from the time of order confirmation (recommended to place the order before 6:00 p.m.) and provided that it is to a maximum direction of 50 km distance. Beyond this distance, you will be charged a surcharge for transport (at a rate of almost €1/km). Likewise, it can take 3 days to the Balearic Islands and 4 working days to the Canary Islands.

At Mosquiteras24h they guarantee a delivery of 24 to 48 hours and to the whole peninsular territory (including Portugal) and the islandsboth Balearic and Canary Islands. And the transport bonus is standard and at a much lower price than Bricomart.

Difference in prices and services

Comparing the prices between one brand and another, Mosquiteras 24 horas usually has much more affordable and adapted prices, despite the fact that the manufacturing is completely customized. And the total price already includes preparation costs shipping and VAT.

Bricomart, on the other hand, charges a extra charge for order preparationto which the base price plus VAT must be added. Also the transport payment which we have already mentioned is quite high and does not pay off if we live more than 50 km away from the warehouse.

What is the best option

Before giving the verdict, we have to point out that both brands have good mosquito netsThe quality and functionality of these products prevent mosquitoes and other flying insects from being a nuisance.

But if we have to choose one, it would be Mosquiteras24h. Their level of customization, the price of the mosquito nets, the ease of shipping and dedicated customer service make them the ideal company to order our mosquito nets from.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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