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Mosquito nets for cribs: everything you need to know

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
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During the first months of life, mosquitoes or allergic reactions are often the main diseases or threats that babies face, causing them not to sleep peacefully at night. For this reason, mosquito nets for cribs are essential to protect the little ones The problem is that not all the ones on the market are safe for them.

For this reason, in the following post we are going to show you everything you need to know about the safest and highest quality mosquito nets for cribs.

Characteristics of crib mosquito nets

The main characteristic of the mosquito nets for cribs is that they cover this space to prevent the entry of insects; from there on, the mosquito nets can be used to prevent the entry of insects. characteristics of each model may make a particular option more desirable than another.

Mosquito net for crib


The first thing you should analyze is the different types of cribs that exist in the market and which is the one you have for your little one; depending on this, you can choose the mosquito net that best combines with it and that protects you the most. These are the main types of existing mosquito nets for cribs:

  • WedgeThey connect between two points and are highly recommended for covering large spaces.
  • BoxThe installation points are 4 and form a square net.
  • Domeusually have a support that simulates the shape of a dome.

It is also important to note that there are universal fabricsas the ones you can find in our online store, designed to adapt to any structure.


The fabric of your mosquito net should be made of a quality materialThe heat should not accumulate too much heat and allow ventilation without allowing any insects to enter. You should also check that not be too fragile. Ideally, the mesh should have a balance between lightness and strength; that is, it should be light but not tear or break easily.

In this case, it is recommended that you choose the fabrics that we offer you in our online storein this way, you can protect your little one in the best possible way, without having to worry about anything.


In this case, you must analyze the size of crib and mosquito nettingThe latter does not fall short and allows the entry of mosquitoes. You must know the measurements of the crib and, depending on them, select the dimensions of the mosquito net.

To guarantee your best experience, at Mosquiteras24H you can select the best mosquito nets for you. desired mesh dimensionsThe use of the alternative, to prevent it from tearing or breaking when trying to adapt an alternative that does not have the appropriate measurements.


The design is also an aspect that you should take into account. The meshes are usually manufactured in black or grayThe gray color is more aesthetically pleasing but hinders visibility. When choosing, you should know that the gray color is more aesthetic but hinders visibility, while black is highly recommended because it conceals stains better, although there are some people who are reluctant to this shade.

Crib with mosquito net


Mosquito nets for cribs are designed to be carried with you at all times, so it is recommended that they have a lightweight design and take up little space. The most common is that weigh no more than 200 gramsIn any case, the most important thing is to make sure that you can fold your model well and that it fits in the space where you are going to store it.


The health of your baby is the most important thing; therefore, it is important that all products that are in contact with the little one of the house are in the best conditions. When purchasing the fabric for your crib mosquito net, it is best to choose a washable alternativethat resists dirt and possible stains.

In this way, if the mosquito netting is stained just wait a couple of hours to get it back in perfect condition; in any case, it is best to avoid metal or plastic options, because they are most likely not machine washable and you will have to clean them by hand.


Another factor to consider when choosing the ideal mosquito net for your little one's crib is the placement. It is best to bet on those alternatives that have a simple installationi.e. that require a minimum of effort.

It is best to opt for those models that have an elastic at the edges, such as the alternatives that you can find in our online store, so that their placement is much easier.

Even so, when it comes to installing a mosquito net for cribs, you may find yourself with 3 different types of anchors:

  • To the roofYou must insert a hook in the upper part of the crib and the mosquito net will hang from it.
  • With structureIf the crib has a support structure, this can be used to raise the mosquito net; this way, the mesh does not stick to the baby's skin and the baby can breathe easily.
  • No structureThe mosquito net is placed over the crib; the advantage is that it protects the baby better, but it can be overwhelming, as it sticks completely to the baby's skin.

Tips before buying a mosquito net for cribs

Do you want to get the perfect mosquito net for your baby's crib to ensure its protection, here are a few tips for you. tips that can help you:

  • Flexible material that can be adapted to any cribas the fabrics that you can find in our web site.
  • It is best to opt for polyester.The air inlet allows more air to enter and facilitates visibility of the inside of the crib, so you can watch your baby whenever you want.
  • Mesh with very fine weaveIn this way, you can prevent the passage of any insect, even the smallest ones.
  • Model compatible with washing machinesThis way, you can quickly wash your mosquito net at home.
  • PriceThe most important thing is that you choose an alternative with a great quality/price ratio, i.e. one that guarantees the safety of your child at the lowest cost.

Mosquito net for crib room

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have any questions about mosquito nets for cribs? Here are the answers to your questions. frequently asked questions from our users about these alternatives for caring for the little ones.

Are there mosquito nets for travel cribs?

Of course. All you have to do is take the measurements of the cradle and, depending on these, to acquire a mosquito net that suits it.

Can they be put in the washing machine?

Most insect screens are machine washable. Typically, options that are made of washable materialsThe fabrics, such as cotton or polyester, can be machine washed; in any case, you should consult the manufacturer's instructions to be sure.

In this case, the best thing to do is to wash it at a maximum temperature of 30ºCto ensure optimum maintenance and durability.

What else are they good for?

In addition to protecting the baby from mosquitoes and other insects that may be outdoors, mosquito nets for cribs are recommended to protect the baby from mosquitoes and other prevent dust or impurities from affect the health of the child, preventing the appearance of allergies or respiratory problems.

In short, protecting the little ones is possible thanks to the mosquito nets for cribs; therefore, if you are going to have a child and you are going to buy the crib for the little one, do not forget to get the perfect product for your baby. prevent external agents from disturbing you.

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