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Plants to prevent mosquitoes indoors

Last updated:
9 February, 2024
Reading time: 4 minutes
lemon geranium

With the arrival of summer and the good weather comes the time to enjoy and go out of the house, go to terraces, take walks. But this is also accompanied by the annoying mosquitoes that, as good nuisances that they are, not only bite us outside the house, but also inside it. But in order to preventing mosquitoes from entering the home we can use natural resources such as mosquito repellent plants to prevent them from entering the home.

At Mosquiteras24h we tell you what mosquito repellent plants you can have, so you can take notes and add some nature and protection against mosquitoes at home.

What indoor mosquito repellent plants can we have at home?

Here are some plants that we can keep indoors to prevent mosquitoes from coming indoors and biting us.

Lemon basil

Lemon basil or ocimum x citrodorum is an aromatic plant that we can have inside the home and that helps to keeping flies and mosquitoes at bay. A good option is this plant named after its citrus aroma. It contains small leaves and can be grown both in the garden and in a pot. To look perfect it needs high doses of natural light and heat, as well as to control its watering and not to do it too much, although in summer it is recommended to water it daily.

Another option is to take some leaves and put them to dry in a container.. We will see how flies and mosquitoes do not even come close.

Mint as an anti-mosquito plant

Mint is not only known for its culinary virtues, but also because its aroma keeps mosquitoes away. Its leaves give off a oil that gives a fresh and sweet aromaa combination that keeps sucking insects away. It also has antiseptic propertiesIf at any time we get an itch, we can make an infusion with it that will help us to get rid of the itch. will soothe and cleanse the sting.

Mint is a fast-growing and climbing plant, so it is advisable to keep it in a pot, since, if we keep it in the garden, it can grow too much. For it to develop well, it needs abundant watering, especially in the hottest months and, to grow lush, cut the leaves that are drying out.


It is one of the best known mosquito repellent plants due to its multiple uses (bracelets, candles, air fresheners and fragrances, among others), although it must be admitted that visually it is not the prettiest. Citronella or cymbopogon nardus is an herbaceous plant that grows as a shrub and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Its care is not at all complicated. If the plant is indoors, it should be placed near a window, as it needs at least 6 to 8 hours of light to grow. It is a sensitive plant to the lack of watering and it is necessary to avoid that the roots dry out.


Lemon geranium

In addition to being a very decorative plant that stands out for the small white, mauve or pink flowers, this type of geranium is well known for having a lemon aroma and a great natural mosquito repellent.

The pelargonium crispum is a plant both indoors and outdoors that does not exceed 70 cm in height and with very showy flowers, it needs many hours of light to grow and frequent watering (at least twice a week) but avoiding waterlogging or wetting the flowers. In the same way, it needs a light substrate and a correct drainage.


Lavender is a plant that has been known for centuries for its aromatic properties and its help not only in the field of aesthetics, but also because it helps to create a good aroma in the home with its dried or natural flowers. They can be grown both indoors and outdoors, especially if the area where we live is not very humid.

Whether in the garden or indoors, the best place for place it next to the window or on the balcony, as it grows very well in planters and pots. Its care is simple, it needs plenty of natural light and regular watering without waterlogging the soil. It needs an acid substrate and good drainage.

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Chinese carnation

This variety of carnations, also called tagetes, is a plant known for its anti-mosquito properties and whose flowers are spectacular in orange colors. In addition, it also prevents flies from entering the house. It is a plant that can be kept in pots as well as in the garden and provides a spectacular explosion of colors and aromas. Thanks to its smell, mosquitoes will not come near the window.

During the summer months it needs constant watering (3 to 4 times a week) and full sun.


Laurel or Laurus nobilis is a tree that can reach a height of 10 meters whose leaves are used to season dishes and give them an incredible aroma. But it is not only used for culinary purposes. aroma also works very well to repel mosquitoes. You can use the laurel oil or burn some leaves dry so that the smoke caused will keep them away.

For this tree to grow luxuriantly, it is necessary to avoid direct sun exposure in summer and frost during winter. It needs moderate doses of water and without waterlogging the soil.

girl surrounded by houseplants


It is a plant medicinal and aromatic with a multitude of properties. It is ideal to scare away mosquitoes and moths thanks to its intense aroma. For this plant (rosmarinus officinalis) to be effective inside the home, the ideal is to dry several branches and burn its leaves in a candle. The composition of geraniol in its scent keeps mosquitoes at bay, as well as in its essential oil.

This plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors and needs many hours of light to grow luxuriantly. It is very hardy and tolerates drought well, so watering should be moderate and avoid excessive humidity.

If you use these mosquito repellent plants in your home, we assure you that mosquitoes will not even dare to approach the window to try to enter. In addition, they provide a good aroma and brighten up the view.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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