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How to keep flies out of the house

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 5 minutes

It's not that they take up a lot of space, but... they are very noticeable! They only live for a month, but flies are unbearable insects. Along with mosquitoes, they are one of the main reasons why we install roll-up mosquito nets. But, beyond this trick, are there more ways to keep them at bay? In this post, we are going to explain how to keep flies out of the house.


Why are there so many flies in my house?

Flies can be a problem in the home. They their filth and feces wherever they land.. So, when they flutter around the house or get on food, they can spread disease. And unless they are chased away, they can become a real pest.

You should be aware that these insects that increase their activity during the hottest monthsThe temperate climate benefits their development. That is why you do not see so many flies in winter. It should also be noted that these flies reside wherever they can find the means to survive. In other words, in places with enough food to reproduce.

For that reason, these bugs invade your home. if you leave food out, if you don't dispose of garbage properly or if you don't clean up frequently. However, there are other reasons for having flies in the house: being near garbage cans or storing water containers without sealing them tightly.

Tips for keeping flies away

In the same way that we tell you how to prevent mosquitoes from entering your homeHere are 12 different remedies to keep flies away from your home. Pay attention!

The classic trick against flies: the hanging water bag.

Have you ever seen bags filled with water and hung from the ceiling by a rope? This is because it allows to avoid flies. The reason for them is that the water in the bag generates reflections with the colors of the rainbow, which scares them away. This is the same principle of the discs that you will find on windows, balconies or clotheslines.

Aromatic plants to repel flies

Place aromatic plants in the places where you think the flies have access. The smell of lavender, rosemary, peppermint or eucalyptus will keep them well away.

Trap with vinegar to catch the flies

Cut the top off a plastic bottle. Pour in it some four centimeters of vinegar. Next, put the neck back on the container, but this time upside down. It will serve as a funnel for the flies to reach the liquid. The vinegar will stun them and they will not be able to get out of the trap.

fly on white background

Garlic or lemon with cloves and... bye-bye flies

Lemon is an ingredient that scares away flies. Split one in half and place cloves in each part.. Then, place those lemons in your windows or on the table where you want to eat. That way they won't come close.

For this trick, you can also replace the lemon with cloves for a peeled garlic. Its aroma is unpleasant to these insects.


If you're wondering how to keep flies out of your home, you can turn to vodka - but not to drink it! Wet your wrists, ankles or elbows with it.. It sounds crazy, but it makes sense. You see, the smell of this alcoholic beverage is very uncomfortable for them, so they run away from it. And, if you use it as a cologne, they will also run away from you.

Vinegar, detergent and cinnamonto

Yes, we have already mentioned vinegar. However, if vinegar alone has not given you the desired result, there is another technique with this ingredient to get rid of the most persistent flies.

First, grab an ordinary spray bottle, the one you use to cool off in the summer. Got it? Perfect! Now, mix half a liter of vinegar, a cinnamon stick (if powdered, one tablespoon) and 10 drops of detergent.. Pour this formula in the sprayer and apply it in different corners of your home.

You can also wet a cloth with vinegar and rub in the nooks and crannies where there are flies.

Essential oils to scare away flies without killing them

In the same way as with aromatic plants, placing certain plants in the strong-smelling essential oils can help you scare flies away from your home. Which ones are these? Citronella, pepper, lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint.

How to avoid these insects with them? It is as easy as putting oil burners with the essences in the most problematic spots: in the kitchen, on the windows, in the yard, etc.

If you don't have a burner, don't worry. You can choose to dip a cotton ball in oil and leave it in an uncovered jar. You can also spray pieces of cloth with these substances and hang them around the house.

fly in front green background

The simple and inexpensive trick to keep flies out of the house

This method is not only very easy to perform, but it is also quite economical. All you need is a resealable plastic freezer bag. zip lockin addition to various euro cents. When you have everything, put the coins in the bag, fill it with water and close it. Then hang it on your doors or windows. You'll be able to keep everything wide open so that flies won't get in.

The trick of the water bag to scare away these insects has already been mentioned previously. However, by adding the pennies, its effect is enhanced. Did you know that?

How to exterminate flies professionally?

A insectocutor is used to attract flies by means of ultraviolet light. The death of these bugs is caused by an electric shock. However, although the device kills these insects immediately, it does not do so cleanly. That is, it tends to leave traces of legs or wings where the device has been placed.

In the same way as the insectocutor, the insectocaptor attracts flies thanks to an ultraviolet light emitted by tubes. This time, however, the device incorporates an adhesive plate (with food to attract the attention of the bug in question). The flies get stuck to the device and eventually die. This minimizes the risk of contamination by detachment of part of the insect. So it is more effective.

Clean home, fly-free house

Logically, the most relevant and simple remedy is not to have anything that attracts flies. In other words, do not have garbage or stagnant water, since these are the main sources of concentration. What is the moral of the story? Cover the garbage can tightly.

How to keep flies away from your dog?

You can keep flies away from your pet by making use of apple cider vinegar. You have two options:

One is to mix this liquid with water in equal parts, pour the formula into a spray bottle and spray your pet with it.

Obviously, do not pour this solution in the house, eyes, private parts, ears or open wounds.

The other is to combine vinegar with your shampoo.

Mosquito nets

Do you want to know how to prevent flies from entering the house? The most convenient method is to resort to a classic: mosquito nets. These will give you the enormous advantage of being able to open your windows with total certainty that they will not get through.

Get one now. It is not necessary to install them on all your windows or doors, just put them on the ones you use the most.

Today, there are many types of mosquito netssliding insect screenfixed mosquito netside roll-up mosquito netetc. In addition, there are businesses that take care of custom-made (like ours), making it fairly easy to find a product that meets your needs today.

If you are concerned about the installation and price being too high, a cheaper and more effective solution is to use strip curtainsYou can easily install them and enjoy an effective barrier against pesky mosquitoes, while maintaining adequate ventilation and clear visibility to the outside. Reduce the use of chemical products or repellent creams and opt for a natural and long-lasting option.


Now that you know how to keep flies out of the houseyou can forget about these insects once and for all. Discover how good it is without having to hear their buzzing.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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