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How to prevent pollen from entering the house?

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 5 minutes
avoiding pollen at home. Girl sneezing

The pollen has increased quite noticeably due to the climate change and pollution. Variations in weather patterns have caused pollination cycles to be extended over time. In addition, pollution also makes its presence felt through diesel particles, which act as pollen carriers and facilitate their presence in the air. But, How can we avoid pollen at home?

Grasses, for example, are plants that greatly affect allergy sufferers in our country. And, in order to reduce the annoying effects of allergies, it is necessary to take necessary measures.

Why is it important to reduce pollen at home?

The house can be converted into a perfect pollen shelter and without having to give up contact with nature. Certain plants, filters and habits can help us achieve healthier air.

It is estimated that 1 out of 5 people suffer from some type of allergy. to pollen, so we may have someone in our social circles who is affected by allergies. Outdoors there is little that can be done to avoid pollen, but at home it is possible to take effective measures to prevent pollen from entering the home. We are not talking about locking ourselves up at home, but of reducing the concentration of allergens in the air.

This will also prevent other irritants or pollutants such as dust or dust mites are in the air and can affect our respiratory system.

flowers and grasses inside the home

How to avoid pollen at home

We can find different ways to prevent pollen from entering our home. Below, we will detail some of them:

Monitor pollen levels

Control the pollen levels during the high season and where there is a large amount of pollen in the air. A good way to know this is to look at the media, weather systems, as well as apps that forecast pollen levels in the future.

Staying at home on dry days

It is better to stay at home on those days when it is more dry and windyThe pollen is likely to be in the air. We have to closing doors and windows to eliminate the entry of pollen into the home. On the contrary, when the atmosphere is humid and it has rained, pollen falls into the air, so it is better to perform the tasks outdoors for those cloudy days after a fresh rain.

Changing clothes

Take off the clothes we have been wearing outside and put them in the washing machine immediately after entering the house. Afterwards, it is good to take a shower and wash your hair as soon as possible, as pollen can get stuck in the hair follicles and cause allergy problems. Likewise, pollen can cling to the hair follicles and cause allergy problems. fibers of the garment fabricsTherefore, it is best not to hang clothes out to dry on windy days.

Better to use air conditioning

Use of air conditioning instead of fans during the pollen season, as the latter located near the window can cause pollen to enter the home, spread throughout the room and deposit particles on furniture and household linens. Air conditioning, on the other hand, includes a anti-pollen and anti-allergen filters (HEPA) that reduces the possibility of pollen entering the home from the outside.

air conditioning with HEPA filter

Do not mow lawns with high pollen counts.

For those who have a lawn. Avoid mowing the lawn when pollen levels and factors such as wind are high. It is also advisable to have the lawn by below 12 cm to minimize the effects of pollen.

For this reason, it is better that the garden is free of pollen produced by weeds or grasses of plants such as nettle, ragweed, mugwort, among others.

Closing doors and windows

We already know that pollen enters the home through doors and windows. Therefore, we have to avoid ventilating the house when pollen levels are high. It is better to opt for open the windows at nightwhen the concentration of pollen in the air is minimal. And, as we have already said, avoid doing so when it is windy.

Reduce the source of the problem

If the pollen is found in the trees or plants in our gardenIn order to avoid that air currents can carry pollen to the windows, we should think about whether it is worthwhile to restructure the garden or not, or even to eliminate the plants that cause the allergy.

Tips for cleaning and avoiding allergic reactions

Sometimes it is not enough to take measures to keep pollen out of the home, since they are still very small particles that we do not see with the naked eye. One way to completely eliminate pollen inside the home is to follow these tips.

Leave the pollen outside

We have already pointed this out, but it is an important point to keep in mind. The best way to keep pollen out of the home is not to invite it in, as it were. It is best not to open the windows between 12:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. as these are the hours with the highest concentration of pollen in the atmosphere. In the city, the pollen level is usually higher at night, while in the countryside it is higher in the morning. There are also special grids to prevent pollen from entering or, better yet, choose to place mosquito nets for doors and windows.

open window with mimosa in the background

Vacuum the entrance every day

The pollen when we are outdoors will be adhiere to clothing and footwearThe pollen and other allergens inevitably get into the house. An option to avoid that it does not pass from the hall is take off your shoes as soon as you enter through the outer door and change clothes as soon as possible.

Likewise, when in doubt, it is good to vacuum the floor dailyThe main entrances and the corridor, which are usually the areas where pollen is most concentrated.

Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter or water

Within the world of vacuum cleaners we can find some models that think about allergic people. These appliances include a HEPA filter and a high retention capacity to prevent allergens from escaping through the vacuum system. The HEPA filters class 11 retain up to 95% of dust mite particles, dust and pollen, while class 13 can remove up to 99.95%.

Similarly, when emptying or changing the bag or tank is a delicate moment. It is better that when removing them it is someone who does not suffer from any allergy, since some particles may come out of the container.

We can also choose a vacuum cleaner with water filterThe water is a very effective way to remove dust and other allergens, since dust and other allergens are retained in the water and ensure that they cannot get out.

vacuum cleaner cleaning the floor

Anti-dust wipes

Another way to remove pollen and other allergens efficiently is to use a anti-dust wipeThe wipes are retained in their fibers and do not spread around the room. It is a better option than disposable wipes, which are very practical, but create a large amount of waste, so it is more sustainable to opt for a microfiber cloth or a well wrung cloth.

Another tip is that people allergic to dust mites should ventilate the cleaned area during and after cleaning to ventilate the area so that dust does not remain in suspension in the environment.

Anti-pollen mosquito netting the best ally

mosquito netting with traces of allergens

The anti-pollen mosquito nets we can see them in multiple formats, such as the sliding mosquito nets or roll-up mosquito nets. They are made with polyester and ensure the retention of a large part of the pollen particles and other microorganisms. They are recommended in rest areas, since they are areas where it is easier for pollen to enter the home, such as corridors, bedrooms or the dining room.

With the use of this type of mosquito nets we make sure that, when opening the doors and windows, nothing will enter from the outside, since not only prevent the entry of insectsbut also dust and other particles such as pollen. Both pollen and dust are the main triggers of allergic processes. anti-pollen mosquito nets are the best option to have an airy house and, at the same time, free of particles and microorganisms.

You can also opt for a side roll-up mosquito net or pleated mosquito nets if you have a balcony or terrace that you want to close, the important thing is that your mosquito net is made of a very fine mesh material which allows air to pass through, but efficiently retains pollen particles, thus reducing allergic symptoms and improving indoor air quality.

In conclusion, we can find multiple ways of avoiding pollen at home. It is a problem that we can easily solve by following the tips we have presented in this article. At Mosquiteras24h you can buy mosquito nets that will help you keep pollen out of your home.

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