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How to dismantle a window roller mosquito net?

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 3 minutes
Roll-up mosquito net

In Spain we can find several species of mosquitoes, being the females always responsible for the bites we suffer. On certain occasions, these bites can be a real health problem, causing swelling, irritation or pain. For this reason, mosquito nets become a very useful element at home, since they allow us to sleep with the window open and without having to fear these insects. Although having this type of element also requires its necessary uninstallation for cleaning, a mosquito net repair or because we are going to change it for a new one. In this article, following on from the above, we are going to talk about how to dismantle a roll-up mosquito screen.

Roll-up mosquito nets

It is one of the types of mosquito nets that we can find in the market. This model is usually installed between the window and the shutter and adapts very well to any type of window. The roll-up mosquito nets are based on a compact system that is embedded in the window and can be found in a wide range of colors and mesh materials such as fiberglass.

It is usually placed at the top of the window, where the screen is stored when not in use in a drawer. To ensure its stability, it uses side guides to allow it to be raised and lowered, leaving the window opening completely protected and covered to prevent insects from entering.

How to dismantle the roll-up mosquito screen

Here are the necessary steps for you to be able to disassembling the roll-up mosquito net without any problems and in case you have to changing the mosquito netting mesh. It is a very simple process, so you will not find any complication:

  • First of all, in order to dismantle the mosquito net, in most cases, it is necessary to first remove the guides and then the head.
  • Once the head has been disassembled, it is necessary to remove the drawer in which the mosquito net is rolled up.
  • To do this, you must remove the screw (if any) that holds the plastic end pieces in the aluminum profile and that we will find on the side covers. This is in case it can be removed without problems.
  • Be careful with the side that has the spring, because it can jump and you can get hurt.
  • Most of the time with turning the drawer backwards can cause the drawer to disengage. If this is not possible, then we would have to disassemble the slides or, failing that, remove the silicone that holds it and, in this way, turn it to be able to remove the drawer.
  • We place the roll-up mosquito net drawer so that we can see its inner side.
  • One of the covers, the left one, the one that holds the spring and causes the movement of the fabric, will be left untouched for the moment.
  • Let's go to the right cover and remove it. It is usually press-fitted, although there are models that can be found with screws. It would simply be necessary to use the screwdriver remove the screw and loosen the cover.
  • Hold the plastic part tightly while separating it from the head to remove it properly.
  • Once the cover is removed, the fabric can be removed. You will have to remove it all together with the shaft.
  • Likewise, we remove the fabric from the lower part of the base of the mosquito net, first removing the stopper.
  • It is recommended to remove it with the inner shaftusually composed of aluminum.
  • You will surely find that the spring becomes loose. Don't worry, when the new mesh is inserted we will be able to adjust it.
  • The screen would now be completely disassembled to change the fabric.

Dismantle a mosquito net to repair the system.

In this case, we will discuss the procedure to follow to properly attach the roller to the screen.

  • Remove the side guides. If the screen breaks because of problems with the rollers, the first thing to do is to remove the side guides, where the net slides up and down, using a screwdriver to disassemble them.
  • Remove the rollerUsing pliers, pull the side guides that hold the roller in place and pry it downward. In this way, the roller is separated from the wall and, by shifting it, the malfunction can be remedied in a targeted manner.
  • Roller repair. Using a screwdriver, click to remove the fasteners blocking the net and paying attention to the inner spring.
  • This operation is useful for fixing a screen and necessary when components need to be routinely cleaned.

In the following video you will see how to disassemble the roller screen system to give tension to the spring and raise it with the strength and speed of the beginning:

And so far we have given you the tips for disassembling a roll-up window screen. As you can see, it is very easy to perform this task, either to clean or fix any element of the mosquito net.

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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