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How to install a screen on a sliding door

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
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A sliding insect screen is a protection product that allows the door opening This way, it is possible to open a part without removing any of the leaves. In this post we show you how to install a mosquito screen on a sliding door.

Main characteristics

The sliding mosquito nets are characterized by their impressive comfort and resistance to the passage of time. ideal for sliding doors and windowsThe installation is carried out inside its own rail.

Sliding door insect screen installation

These products stand out for being composed of profiles and have a square structure, which must have the same dimensions as the door leaf; it is important to note that the sliding screens have bearings in the inner profile, to ensure easy sliding along the door profile.

One of the main characteristics of sliding mosquito nets is that they are used for to prevent the passage of insects The system does maintain the ventilation and natural lighting inside the home. In addition, it prevents small children and pets from squeezing through these openings.

These products are widely used for entrances to homes or access areas to the garden or terrace, as they are usually the doors that have this type of opening system and, in addition, they are usually where most insects are introduced with the arrival of high temperatures.

Advantages of sliding mosquito nets

Below you will find the main advantages to install a screen on a sliding door.

  • Simple installationSliding mosquito nets are very easy to install; however, it is essential that you have the exact measurements, so that the fastening is perfect and there is no gap through which insects can enter.
  • MaintenanceThe only thing you need to do is to wipe the screen with a damp cloth to ensure that it is in good condition and maintains its effectiveness.
  • DurabilityThe installation is done on the inside of doors and windows, so it does not have to withstand external weather conditions and has an impressive service life.
  • Various finishes and colors: in our online store you can choose from a wide variety of shades, so you can choose the alternative that best suits the style and aesthetics of your home.
  • Silent scrollingAnother advantage of the sliding mosquito nets is that they have bearings that facilitate their smooth and silent movement.
  • ProtectionInsect screens for sliding doors prevent insects from entering the interior of the house and protect against pollen and dirt, among other pollutants.

How to install a sliding insect screen

Installing a sliding insect screen is a very simple process that will not take much time. You can find it at first thing to do is to take the dimensions of the sliding mosquito netYou should start with the width and measure from the side frame of the closed sash to the outer edge of the open sash. It is recommended that you measure in 3 points and always use the measurement with the smallest value.

Sliding insect screen for door

Then, you must do the same with the height, measuring from the top channel to the bottom channel of the door frame. Once you have all the measurements, the next step is to take a short profile and narrow doormatYou should know that the wide channel is the one that corresponds to the inner zone of the mosquito net.

You must insert the narrow mat in the groove of the inner area and cut to the edge of it, then you have to place the wheel square to the left of the short profile, to make it easier, you can use a rubber hammer and tap gently.

You must then insert the wide doormat in the outer groove of the profile, it is recommended that you leave 3 centimeters of margin; then you have to place the other angle with bearing at the other end of the profile, maintaining that distance of 3 centimeters.

Subsequently, you must perform the same steps with the lower profile; when you have it, you must place the narrow mats in the groove on the inside of the profiles. Next, you have to fit the right vertical profile into the upper structure and then the left vertical profile.

Then, you have to insert the wide doormat in the outer grooves of the profiles, leaving a 3 cm surplus. The next step would be to place the lower structure on the vertical profiles, using a rubber hammer to fix it; once this is done, the time has come to place the mosquito netting.

To do this, you must place the mesh on the back of the subframe and place the rubber gasket on top of the inner channel of the profile; without stretching the fabric, you have to fit the rubber gasket on 2 of the adjoining profiles and, for the other 2, stretch the mesh and tighten it while inserting it into the gasket.

The next step would be cutUsing a cutter, cut the excess mesh over the top of the rubber gasket. The sliding insect screen is now assembled; it is time to install it. To do this, you must check that the profiles add up to the size of the door; you can simply measure it horizontally or make the check.

If these match, the last step would be to install the sliding insect screen on the rails door.

Installation of a sliding insect screen

To do this, you only have to insert the insect screen in the aluminum profiles of the window; it is recommended that start with the top and then with the lower one, exerting a slight final pressure to ensure its fixation.

You must verify that the bearings are located at the bottom and that facilitate the opening and closing of the door; when you have done so, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of having a sliding door screen.

In short, installing a sliding mosquito screen is a very simple process that will not take you much time; therefore, if you have a sliding door and want to enjoy the greatest tranquility in your home without sacrificing ventilation and natural lighting, do not hesitate and get the best products for home protection.

Remember that there are also hinged door mosquito nets or insect screens for exterior doors. In Mosquito nets 24H we have a wide variety available!

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