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What Attracts Flies

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
Reading time: 3 minutes

In this blog we have already talked about how to keep flies out of the house. And these insects are all over the Earth, except for Antarctica. What's more! It is estimated that there are 17 million of these bugs for every human being. Find out what attracts flies is key to prevent them from approaching our homes.

Yes, you can always put roll-up mosquito nets on your windows to slow them down, but we can also try not to attract their attention. This way, you can forget about them for good.

But... Where do the flies that come to us come from?

As a general rule, flies hover around food, decomposing carcasses and fecal material. This is due to the fact that these are sites that serve them to reproduce and lay their eggs. From these, they hatch into worm-like larvae. After a metamorphosis (shorter in the summer season), they transform into the winged bug that we people hate so much.


Why do more flies appear in summer?

We see more flies in summer for several reasons: because of the better temperature, because food rots more rapidly and because it increases the presence of microorganisms.

Why do flies come to me?

Have you ever noticed that flies feel wet to the touch, like they kiss or suck your skin? They do... These insects look attracted by the heat of your body. What happens is that they are cold-blooded beings, they can only receive heat from external sources.

Why are there so many flies in my house?

One of the most common causes for the appearance of flies is the lack of housekeepingIf there is an accumulation of garbage or it is not covered. Although cleaning the house is not always a guarantee of its absence.

But, if I have everything closed, how do they smell it?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to have everything closed... The sliding mosquito nets are a great help in keeping them out of the home, but you can have a carelessness while opening a door or window. Also, you may find that the fruits or vegetables The food you buy has fly eggs and larvae (if the supermarket's hygiene is not adequate).

Conditions that may be transmitted by flies

Earlier, we said that humans hate these insects. Maybe it's not your case, but the point is that we should avoid them. They can cause: cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, worms, eye irritation, salmonellosis, trachoma...

What things attract flies?

We have already mentioned food, feces or decaying products among the elements that attract flies. However, there are other things that attract their attention:

  • Other fliesThey are very social insects, so they will go to places where other flies are or have been. Since, in addition, they leave their scent.
  • GarbageIf your garbage can is not properly closed... You will be lost. These containers are a "delivery room" for more flies to appear.
  • Dirty drainsWhere there are leaks or drains, there will be flies. This is because they contain traces of organic matter and bacteria.
  • Pet wasteThese insects usually lay their eggs in the organic waste of animals.
  • Sugar, alcohol, soft drinks.
  • BeerThe aroma of the yeast provokes them. A symbiosis takes place, the fly feeds and the yeast gets a means of transport to reproduce.

Humidity also attracts them.

What is the smell that most attracts flies?

To summarize, flies are attracted to odors such as that of honey or that of fruits. This is due to sugar, as we have just mentioned. Some flowers also stimulate these insects.

What kind of plants attract flies?

Laurel, lantana, pansy, chamomile or silk flower are plants that attract both flies and mosquitoes.

Why are flies attracted to excrement?

Because they have a large amount of bacteria, proteins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates, as well as decomposing matter. These nutrients ensure that the larvae can grow.

Conclusion on what attracts flies

Now you know what attracts fliesso avoid these small details to forget about them in your home. If this post has been useful for you, remember that we have also explained what attracts mosquitoes in our blog.

To prevent fly-borne diseases, we recommend that you install, mosquito nets or strip curtains in your home. These curtains are easy to install and very economical. They act as a physical barrier, preventing flies from entering your home and thus reducing the risk of contamination and disease.

In addition, the strip curtains allow adequate air and light circulation, maintaining a pleasant environment. Don't underestimate the power of this simple and effective solution to protect your home and keep pesky flies at bay, install strip curtains and enjoy a healthier environment!

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Written by: Mosquiteras24h Publications


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