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Types of insect screens for casement windows

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
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We all like to open the windows to let air into the home, without having to worry about mosquitoes. And that's what mosquito nets are for! These can be installed in any kind of window, including casement windows. Yes, in this post, we will tell you what are the types of insect screens for casement windows. So read on, here we go.

insect screen on casement window

Definition of mosquito net

Just in case, let's take a look at what is a mosquito net. This is a millimeter mesh that is placed on doors and windows to stop the passage of insects, without blocking the passage of air or light.

What are mosquito nets effective against?

That is, they are class if you ask yourself how to prevent mosquitoes from entering or how to keep flies out. They are also useful for combating pollen or dust particles, which is appreciated when there are allergy sufferers at home.

4 types of insect screens for windows

In summary, we find 4 types of mosquito nets for windows (which we are not going to describe, because we already have several articles about them:

However, there are also types of insect screens for casement windows in particular.

Mosquito screens for casement windows

These can be placed in all kinds of windows, doors or balcony doors. It is necessary to adjust the dimensions to the opening where the anti-mosquito system is to be installed. They open and close on their own, thanks to a mechanism of springs or hinges.

They are easy to install. Also, their use and maintenance are quite simple. This is the type of mosquito netting that provides increased durabilityensuring a perfect seal.

Do you know what size folding mosquito net you need?

Here's how to take the measurements of the types of mosquito nets for hinged doors:

  • To calculate the heightIf the distance is shorter than the others, you should check several different points (three will be enough) until it is clear if there is a shorter distance than the others. If so, this is the measurement you should take as a reference for the height.
  • To calculate the width of the openingIf you are not sure, you should also check several points. In this case, from one side to the other. That is, from right to left or vice versa. If any distance turns out to be shorter, this is the one you will have to take into account for the width.

By the way, do not use a sewing tape measure for this task, as it is less reliable than metal tape measures. We also advise you to take measurements in millimeters for greater accuracy.

Where to buy quality drop down mosquito nets?

Now you know how the types of insect screens for casement windowsWhat are their main characteristics or how to measure them. We hope we have solved your doubts. However, if you have any questions, you can always contact us, we will be happy to assist you and advise you with your purchase!

Do not forget that, in our blog, we are uploading articles of interest related to the world of mosquito nets. For example, you might find it helpful to know which are the types of wire mesh to complement the information in this post.

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