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Bricodepot vs Mosquiteras24H mosquito nets

Last updated:
27 October, 2023
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Insect screens are the perfect alternative to enjoy greater ventilation and lighting in your home, as they prevent the entry of insects and allow you to keep the doors and windows of your home open for longer. In this post we show you all the differences between Bricodeport mosquito nets and Mosquiteras24H mosquito nets.

House with mosquito nets in Seville

What mosquito nets are available at Mosquiteras24h?

Below you will find the different mosquito nets that you can buy in Mosquiteras24H:

  • Roll-up mosquito netsare very similar to roller shutters and are highly recommended for vertical doors and windows.
  • Sliding insect screensideal for windows, shutters and sliding doorsThey are easy to open and have adjustable brackets, which allow variations of between 2 and 4 mm.
  • Fixed mosquito netsare the more traditional and are used to cover the opening of a window or a door with little or no access.
  • Mosquito screens for side doorsThe most recommended for doors that have a latera displacementl; in addition, they have a braking system that allows you to enjoy them without having to pick it up completely.
  • Pleated mosquito netshave a vertical friction pick-up systemFor its correct use, the use of a drive rod is recommended.
  • Windproof mosquito netsideal for windy areasThey are equipped with a button system that prevents the fabric from escaping from the guide.

What alternatives are available at Bricodepot?

On the other hand, the range of mosquito nets in Bricodepot is much more reduced; in this store you will only find vertical roll-up mosquito netss, with 4 sizes for windows and 2 for doors, with standard sizes. In addition, finishes are only available in white aluminum for the frame and fiberglass for the fabric.

Differences of mosquito nets at Bricodepot and Mosquiteras24H

The main difference between Bricodepot mosquito nets and Mosquiteras24H mosquito nets is found in the variety of optionsWhile the first store only has vertical roll-up mosquito nets, in the case of our website you will find a wide catalog, up to 6 different systems to choose from.

On the other hand, when it comes to analyze the finish We also find differences; Bricodepot only has white aluminum while Mosquiteras24H has an infinite number of colors, to suit your desires and the aesthetics of your room.

It is also important to to point out the size. In Mosquiteras24H you can choose yourself the measures of your mosquito net, as in our online store we make them to measure; on the other hand, in Bricodepot you have 4 different sizes for windows and 2 for doors, so that you have to adapt to these measures.

It is true that Bricodepot's mosquito nets are probably more economical than those of Mosquiteras24H, but the investment in tools and materials that you are going to need to adapt them, as well as the time you are going to invest in doing it, in the end it will be more expensive than if you bet on our online store.

What is the best option?

In short, if you want to enjoy the best mosquito nets in your home and you want to have a wide variety of options to choose from, so that you do not have to worry about anything, it is best to choose one of the products that you can find in Mosquiteras24H.

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